Zelda RPG Wiki

|| [look]

A female goron, standing about five feet tall. Has a mop of white hair covering her eyes, with a big pompom for a ponytail. Wears large wooden orange earrings and a necklace that matches.

Wears a brown tunic with a massive two-handed hammer on her back.

As a native of Mosswalker Village, Zunzune has a small patch of moss growing on her right shoulder.

|| [inventory]

Jasper, a baby dragon

beef jerky for Jasper

"Bane" - a two handed war hammer

A steel kettle, herbs for tea (spicy chai, with another herb to soften it), two steel mugs

a few rocks as rations

a waterskin

20 rupees


A samsung galaxy phone

|| [history] Comes from Mosswalker VIllage. Would love a new sprout of bomb flower.

Father is Mossbeard, mother is Blue-Eyes. Dad runs the family garden and mom is a gifted healer.

Orroch is Jasper's grandmother.

Just joined and is probably going to get themselves killed. In a blaze of glory.

|| [journey]

On her way out (on Death Mountain) she walked into a goron named Royba who sold her a bombchu for 10 rupees.

|| [END]