"These thieves are highly skilled in both stealth and disguise. They slipped into town in the dark of night, stole priceless artefacts, and vanished like smoke in the wind."

History Edit

Founded by Ganondorf after his return to Hyrule from Termina, the Yiga's foundation members were made up of a group of elite gerudo warriors faithful to Dragmire's cause.

Shortly after their arrival into Hyrule, they set up a secret base to begin their operations.

Public Knowledge Edit

Not many truly know of the Yiga at this point in time. As a newly formed group, they are still in the very early stages of foundation and still trying to establish a good foothold in Hyrule. Hearing the name 'Yiga' will more-often-than-not garner a reaction of confusion more than fear.

Leadership Edit

While Ganondorf founded the Yiga, he has little to do with them day-to-day. The group is co-run by a pair of ex-Sheikah, both of whom are quite different in their modus operandi. Daray is often tasked with practical field and training ventures, and is single handedly responsible for raising a group of gerudo warriors into fearsome Yiga shadows. Artifa on the other hand is responsible for technical and magical research. She has been given immense resources and freedom to delve into the darkness around Sheikah technology; not only to to provide better insight into that area but to provide potential weapons and technology to the group as a whole. All of the Yiga operations fall under these two in some regard.

Structure Edit

All members of the Yiga are given a rank within the organization. This rank is determined by a number of factors, including physical and mental skill, leadership, experience and more. From weakest to highest, these rankings are D, C, B, A and S. The higher the rank, the more responsibility is given to the member. Promotions of rank are given out by the current Master(s) of the Yiga.

Notable Members Edit

Rank Title Role
Daray S Master Field ops; Training; Recruitment
Artifa S Master R&D of sheikah tech & magic; Recruitment
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