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|| [pinfo]

Prince sidon by zeppo rosencrutz-db2ijjh
  • Name: Sidon
  • Title: Prince of the Zora
  • Species: Zora
  • Gender: Male
  • Family: King Zora, Princess Ruto, Princess Mipha

|| [look]

A creature molded of vibrant reds and pure white, mixed together by an artisan and painted upon the canvas of Hyrule in near royal perfection. A youthful Zora in his prime, possessed of lean muscle that presses against his flesh of red and white without scar or blemish. His face is smooth and slightly angular around the jaw, with a pair of vibrant eyes of golden amber and shark like teeth that shine a brilliant, pure white offering themselves to draw the eyes of those who look upon him. Fins of cerulean blue and yellow extend from his elbows with smaller frills around his shoulders, folding nearly against his body to keep out of the way when not in use. Like a long coat worn by an officer in an army, two red fins edged with cerulean and yellow hang down to his knees, wrapping around the back half of his legs and wais while leaving the front open. The top of his head is adorned with a near hammerhead like crest that extends to each side, angled back to follow the curve of the side of his head with faint white dots marking the ridge. Flowing back from this crest is an appendage almost like a dolphins tail, with two smal bumps like dorsal fins protruding from it at the top and near the bottom where it splits to look like a tail.

||  [inventory]

  • Coral Bow: A bow created of a sturdy, though elastic, coral strung with a water resistant string of an odd, green plant like material. It is half-again as tall as most Hylians, and likely requires more strength to draw than any Hylian can manage.
  • The Princes Sword: Sheathed in a silver scabbard, this weapon is held to his waist with chains of steel. The hilt is created from two bands of pale white metal wrapped around one another with an aquamarine set into the pommel. The blade is a Zora's hand width wide and as long as an arm from sholder to finger, crated of the same pale white metal and with a cerulean triangle, a hole in the center of it, at the base of the blade to attach it to the hilt.