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Spoof APP [9:20 PM] The party arrives at the gate of the graveyard. The old gravekeeper is startled to see such a large group in the graveyard, and scuttles off to his hut nearby. As the group walks further, they begin to feel the pressure of the aura that Itami spoke of

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Wolf [11:18 PM] Wolf runs up to the graveyard just catching up to the group "sorry I slept in guys I'm ready to go now though. Wolf smirks. (edited)

Itami APP [7:15 AM] "Once we are over the gate separating the temple, that would be the best time to take your potions. I don't want to say taking them inside would mean it's too late, but best to be safe than sorry about it later," Itami described to the group. "I can provide simple passage for the group to cross over. A crude set of steps or ladder isn't outside of my range. I could make them more elaborate, but that requires more effort."

She aimed her hand at a patch of grass once they were within range, causing the earth to raise beneath it to form into a makeshift ramp.

Kentas [7:25 AM] Kentas clears his throat, trying to get Itami's attention, "What should I do about Radella? She helps me fight but she won't be able to see!" He asks curious as Radella buzzes out from under his hat.

He stares at the ramp in awe, amazed with her abilities and wishing he had his own skills like that!

Lude [10:48 AM] Lude cracked his neck and proceeded up the ramp, hopping over the wall he waits for the others to arrive with both his sword and shield at the ready.

Wolf [11:28 AM] Wolf runs up the ramp and waits readily with Lude

Kentas [12:18 PM] Kentas still in awe climbs the ramp energetically as he scales the wall and rests curiously, his eyes fixated on the entrance to the Shadow Temple that awaits them.

Itami APP [2:45 PM] smirked. "You don't need to worry about your fairy companion. Fairies have been known to survive in the most unusual and extreme environments. She doesn't need to see in order to sense danger," she reassured Kentas.

Once up the ramp, she took out a potion and began to drink it down so that her vision would be ready. " Rely on your natural senses. Magic is nice, but not all it's cracked up to be," she cautioned the group. She was confident in her potions, but that didn't mean they would be needed for everything. Some dangers didn't need illusions and deception in this place.

Melkibren [2:50 PM] Mel follows the rest of the group up the earthen walkway, pulling his sword from its sheathe as he drinks one of the potions. As he eyes the entrance, he notices his vision swim for a second, then fade back to normal. Nodding, he readies his shield and steadies himself to enter. Mel knows his knowledge and experience of magic is lesser than some of the others, so he is perfectly fine with helping where he can

Kentas [3:11 PM] Kentas opens the potion and sniffs it, curious. The smell was unusual and tingled his nostrils, he throws the bottle back, his other hand resting on his hip as he chugs the potion.

"AHHHHH." He yells with relief as he gasps fresh air, his pupils waver before settling again, his gaze still fixed on the entrance. He has disbelief as his eyes settle, the shape of a hand sinking into the floor disappeared immediately from sight.

He blamed the potion, but it wasn't all to blame.

Lude [3:28 PM] Lude follows the rest and drinks his potion. Feeling dizzy, he rests himself on the pedestal in the middle of the room surrounded by unlit torches. After a few seconds he comes to, his eyes feeling like they got hit by a shock arrow.

Wolf [5:41 PM] Wolf grabs his potion out and puts it on the ground "well this is gonna be kinda difficult to open" wolf says then laughs a little

Kentas [7:30 PM] Kentas walks up to Wolf, giving a little giggle as he pulls the cork from his potion on the ground.

"There you go! Bottoms up!" He says with a smirk as he raises the bottle from the ground. Kentas gazes towards Lude who makes his way into the entrance to rest, he nods to Radella who seems to understand his gesture and flys over to him.

"Are you ok there Mr. Lude?" Her fairy voice calls out to him as he rests, she then observes the room with the pedestal and torches. Kentas notices the sky darkening and quickly looks up while letting out a gasp, "Is this the work of the Wizzrobe?!"

Lude [7:35 PM] "I'm fine, thank you fairy. I am not used to drinking such potions." He stands up. "Magic is not a topic i have much knowledge in."

Lude looks in the direction Kentas was staring. "By the goddess! I swear on the name of King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule i shall slay this Wizzrobe!"

Wolf [7:36 PM] Wolf drinks his potion "ewwwww what was that taste." Wolf spits.

Kentas [7:40 PM] Kentas turns to Lude with his statement, oblivious to Wolf's comment on Itami's special brew.

"So this Wizzrobe is capable of such things?! Should we be worried?" He says shocked as he holds his Dagger and looks in every direction.

Wondering if the Wizzrobe will conjour dark varients of themselves, or summon colourful poe's to attack them.

Itami APP [7:52 PM] Itami wasn't bothered by the varied reactions to her potions. She expected that as she's had time to endure them and build up a resistance to their effects. She cast her eyes into the dark corridor of the Shadow Temple and then outside, seeing the skies had darkened considerably. "...I know it was daylight a few moments ago," she spoke gravely. "If you need proof of the differences in darkness, then look outside. I can't tell if it's by the wizzrobe or not, but I've never known one to have that kind of power," her face was stern and her voice even more so, even if she was currently shaken by the event. "One thing is certain, we should be absolutely worried. This is no typical magic."

Wolf [7:55 PM] Wolf walks down the steps and stops at the big corridor that leads deeper into the temple. "Well I'll be damned, if that ain't a huge corridor I don't know what is hahaha." Wolf laughs to try and brighten there decent into the abyss."

Kentas [8:07 PM] Kentas walks further into the passage of the temple, he holds his hand out and rests it against the wall. Only to immediately pull it away...

Chills run down his spine and his breath became visible briefly before the heat returned to him, "It may be huge... but for what?" Kentas states to Wolf and everyone else.

Wolf [8:08 PM] "thats exactly what I was thinking." Wolf replies.

Lude [8:11 PM] Lude walks past them. "The shadow temple was made to hide the shame of all the noble families, mine included. They hid their atrocities from the civil war here." "Godless times those were."

Wolf [8:12 PM] Wolf sniffs the air. "it stinks of the dead." Wolf says while licking his lips. (edited)

Kentas [8:19 PM] Kentas shivers again before looking to Mel and Lude, his chipper self being lost in the cold air. "What happened? Seems like alot of darker things occurred outside Kokiri Forest.. things everyone should be aware of."

He shuddered again as he looked to the wall as he starts walking down the passageway, the walls texture seemed to shift and move eerily.

Wolf [8:20 PM] Wolf follows kentas

Spoof APP [8:40 PM] A noise like a light, rythmic tapping is heard behind the group.

Melkibren [9:38 PM] Mel spins quickly, searching for the noise, his shield and sword held at the ready, his eyes darting to the shadows, looking for the slightest hint of movement as he had grown accustomed to doing the past few years while hunting. "Youre right, the sun was just shining, not even noon yet. Something is happening, and it isn't good. We have to get through this temple and get rid of the wizzrobe, but after that we have no time to waste checking on the village." "Scruvo, Radella, can either of you sense any change in the magic in the area?"

Spoof APP [9:43 PM] One of the shadows near the entrance to the temple stirs slightly.

Melkibren [9:50 PM] "Everyone, be sharp, there's something with us! (edited)

Cursedtalion APP [9:51 PM] Talion stumbles out of the shadows, his cadence and stance similar to a redead. A dark blue and purple glow eminates from his eyes.

Cursedtalion APP [10:08 PM] "Ama... Amakah... Ramata... Karuk... Metala..."

Melkibren [10:09 PM] "TALION!"

Wolf [10:10 PM] Wolf goes white "wha..wha... WHATS GOING ON?!?!"

Lude [10:10 PM] "The rito?!?" Lude faces Talion with his shield drawn.

Melkibren [10:11 PM] "Itami! What can we do?"

Wolf [10:11 PM] Wolf shakes it of and barks, snarls and growls at talion (edited)

Cursedtalion APP [10:13 PM] Talion lunges at Melkibren in an almost zombie-like way. His entire body tensing as he jumps at him. While his body shows intent for harm, his face is still balnd, that faint glow still in his eyes.

Melkibren [10:15 PM] Mel slams forward with his shield, half attempting to stave off Talion, half attempting g to catch him in the head and k ok him unconcious

Lude [10:15 PM] Lude pushes the rito back with his shield. "Itami! What manner of curse is this?"

Wolf [10:16 PM] Wolf lunges at talion to head but him but gets knocked back. "grrrrr!" (edited)

Cursedtalion APP [10:18 PM] Talion's head hits Mel's shield, knocking him back, letting him out a gutteral sound. He starts lumbering toward the group again, "Ama... Amakah..." He repeats the same phrase.

Melkibren [10:19 PM] "Lude, try and grab him from behind, Kentas, grab some rope, if Lude catches him, tie him up the best you can!" Mel rushes forward with his shield, attempting to knock the cursed Rito onto the ground

Wolf [10:20 PM] "pass me an end and I'll run around him."

Lude [10:21 PM] Lude attempts to rush

behind Talion to grab him. If Mel can knock the rito with his shield Lude can hold him down while he is off balance.

Cursedtalion APP [10:23 PM] Talion gets knocked back by the shield, causing him to collapse on his back. His blank face and unblinking blue and purple eyes unchanged.

Melkibren [10:24 PM] Mel leans his body weight on top of the Rito, pinning one of his wings to the ground while the others tie him up

Cursedtalion APP [10:36 PM] suddenly begins to shake violently as the glow in his eyes intensifies.

Lude [10:37 PM] Lude punches Talion in the face once to try to knock him out and stop the shaking to allow Kentas and himself to tie up the rito.

Cursedtalion APP [10:42 PM] Talion stops shaking and goes limp, his eyes going a milky white, loosing their colorful glow.

Lude [10:43 PM] Lude ties up the rito and slings him over his shoulder. "I hope Talion isn't dead."

Melkibren [10:44 PM] Mel reaches over to the slump Rito and checks his pulse "Well you didn't have to knock his beak nearly off"

Talion [10:44 PM] Talion lies limp over Lude's shoulder, his eyes still completely white. Faint wheezy breathing comes from his beak.

Lude [10:46 PM] Lude is relieved when he hears Talion's breathing. "When you come to your senses you will tell us what happened."

Melkibren [10:47 PM] Mel reaches into his pack and pulls out a red colored elixir and pours it in the Ritos beak "Here, drink, you'll feel better."

Talion [10:48 PM] After a few involuntary gulps Talion blinks and his eyes return to their normal state. He groans as he tries to move before realizing he's bound, "W-why am I tied up?"

Wolf [10:48 PM] Wolf sniffs the air. "hey I smell something pretty good guys come on." Wolf says as he runs down the hall

Melkibren [10:48 PM] "Itami, do you think its safe to let him go?" "Talion, you were possessed and tried to attack us, are you feeling better?"

Lude [10:49 PM] "Hey hey keep squirming like that and I'll punch you again."

Melkibren [10:49 PM] "Wolf! Don't run off alone!" Mel pulls out a torch and sparks it alight "Lude, will you be alright here with Talion?"

Wolf [10:51 PM] Wolf doesn't hear Mel as he's running down the hall. He stops when he hits a wall "who put that there?" He says all sarcastically and hurt. (edited) Wolf shakes it off and waits for the rest of the group to follow

Spoof APP [10:52 PM] the light from Mel's torch lights up the surrounding area, but its light doesn't reach as far as it should, almost as if the sir its self is eating the light

Lude [10:54 PM] "Sure captain, go get the dog." Lude rests Talion on the floor and examines him

Melkibren [10:55 PM] Mel nods and runs off after the wolf, if ding him sitting facing a wall with a dejected look on his face "I wouldn't run off Wolf, you saw what happened to Talion, we don't know yet if it was caused by this place

Wolf [10:58 PM] Wolfs eyes cycle through a green to a purple and back to green while he looks at mel and say. "ok, Mel."

Melkibren [11:00 PM] Mel crouches in front of the Wolf as he tightens his grip on his shield "Are you feeling alright?"

Wolf [11:01 PM] Wolf spins around "never been better. Why do you ask that?" Wolf turns his head flopping one ear over

Itami APP [11:04 PM] This was already getting off to a hectic start and Itami couldn't say she was ready, but at the very least, she could say she was prepared for circumstances like these. "I'm not certain of what to make of what happened to him. It all depends. Keep him bound for now. He may just be a danger to himself as much as he formerly was to us."

A breath she didn't know she was holding was released as Wolf was caught up with. "We must not run off or split up. I can't stress this enough," she emphasized sternly. "Now that we have, Talion?" She questioned of the Rito's name. "We can keep him with us. Whatever happened to him may give us a clue of what we're bound to run into. Tell us, what do you remember of what happened to you?" She eyed Wolf cautiously while questioning the bound Talion. She could't be certain their companion was all that well at the moment.

Melkibren [11:05 PM] Mel pulls his sword out a few inches so wolf can see his reflection in the glittering metal

Wolf [11:07 PM] Wolf watches as his left eye turns purple and his right stays green. "....." Wolfs silent as he notices what Mel noticed but wolf shakes it off and thinks maybe it's from the potion taking effect. (edited)

Lude [11:08 PM] Lude slings Talion back over his shoulder and meets up with the rest of the group. Seeing Wolf's eyes he sighs "Am i going to have to punch you too?"

Melkibren [11:09 PM] Mel shakes his head with a sly grin "Always knocking something around aren't you Lude "

Lude [11:11 PM] "I've never met a problem i couldn't solve with a good ol' fashioned beating."

Wolf [11:11 PM] Wolf growls at Lude "I'm not ready to be punched" wolf says as he slowly walks a bit away from Lude while eyeing him

Melkibren [11:13 PM] "Good thing you never married..."

Lude [11:13 PM] Lude chuckles. "No one is ever ready to be punched." "But i'm glad to see you aren't possessed, like our bird friend over here." He jostles the limp rito.

Wolf [11:14 PM] Wolf smirks "not the sense I meant silly knight" wolf says, his voice changing slightly. (edited) Not enough for anyone to notice though. (edited)

Lude [12:17 AM] Lude checks on Kentas, making sure he hasn't become possessed either.

Kentas [4:39 AM] Kentas held his head, a buzzing noise crawling into his head, shaking his head side to side, he felt the sound quieten.

Radella shifts and moves closer to Kentas before turning to Mel and the others, "I sense we are all enveloped in an energy.. one that Itami might of mentioned.." she states bluntly and cold as she worries about the situation.

Talion [7:51 AM] Talion stirs, "Uuurgh." He groans in pain as he begins to regain conciousness.

Talion [8:53 AM] "W-what happened? And why does my head hurt? And why in the name of Hylian am I tied up?!" (edited)

Melkibren [8:57 AM] Mel looks around at the group "Keep your wits sharp, if anyone starts feeling different in any way, let the rest of us know immediately. We should start heading further in, it could get worse the deeper we go, so stay on your toes."

Lude [9:00 AM] "Tell me Talion, what do you remember before now?" Lude jostles the rito still slung over his shoulder.

Talion [9:06 AM] Talion looks down, scanning his memory, coming up with nothing, "No, I.. I don't remember. What happened to me?"

Spoof APP [9:08 AM] The party stands in one of the corridors, the shadows enveloping everything around them. The scant light coming from tie torches barely holds the darkness away, and even then the group can feel the air around the place beginning to wear on them. They feel the emotions of the cursed who were played to rest here, their very spirits palpitating the dark murk around them. It makes the group feel uneasy, feeling the cold and despair of broken vows and unresting souls. The walls have retained most of their structure, but instead of reflecting the light from the torches, it seems to drink it in. The floor shows signs of recent passage though, as though something had come in before them. Or something had awakened in the depths of the temple and was now prowling its dark and musty corridors.

Melkibren [9:10 AM] Mel looks into the Rito's eyes "You were possessed, and tried to attack us. Luckily rock-fist here was able to render you inept while we tied you up to prevent anyone getting harmed." Mel jabs a thumb towards Lude

Lude [9:19 AM] "Talion do the words Amakah Ramata Karuk Metala mean anything to you?"

Kentas [9:19 AM] Kentas squints his eyes as he tries to pierce through the darkness with his vision, he walks slowly Radella's fairy glow barely illuminating the way for him.

As he keeps walking he has doubts of his mentality as another hand sinks away between the cracks of the floor, hidden by the darkness.

Melkibren [9:24 AM] Mel suddenly gets an idea to help them keep track of eachother and pulls an extra firefly from his bag and smashes it, using the glowing paste he smears it on his armor, the glow being visible for quite a distance. "Everyone mark yourselves with this, we should be able to see eachother a bit better."

Kentas [9:32 AM] Kentas steps closer to Mel before grabbing some paste and rubbing it on his hat and shield.

Turning back and walking along further he spots a wall up ahead, as they get closer it becomes obvious that it is a stone door, marked with Hylian script from top to bottom, but it was too dark for Kentas to read.

Melkibren [9:37 AM] Mel walks over to Lude and marks his armor with the glowing paste before walking down the opposite side of the corridor, keeping even with the kokiri

Kentas [9:59 AM] His eyes squint again before Radella flutters close to the door, highlighting barely anything with her shine.

"What can you make out Mr. Melkibren?" He asks curiously and cautiously.. "I see.. _is gathered Hyrule's bloody history of greed and hatred..._" he struggles to read as the darkness closes in more, draining more of the light that they summon. (edited)

Melkibren [10:20 AM] "Its basically the history of this place. As Lude mentioned, its a burial chamber for those of the Royal bloodlines, many of those buried here were unfaithful to the Royal lineage, and attempted to harm Hyrule in some way." Mel notices one of the walls shimmering in an odd fashion "Everyone, look here, looks like the potions work as intended, this wall isn't really here." He exclaims as his hand passes through the illusion

Talion [11:35 AM] Talion rubs his head, starting to repeat the words that Mel told him, "Amaka, Ramata Karuk.... Metala....." His eyes begin to glow once more. He shakes his head, "NO! NOT AGAIN!" He shouts in a commanding voice. The glow fades away and Talion slumps back, breathing


Wolf [11:42 AM] Wolf walks through the illusion unaware on what's going on around him, wolf continues to walk through the illusion and stops and notices he hears this turning of a gear sound but it's very faint. " I don't like the sound of that." Wolf says as he sits there waiting for the group (edited)

Kentas [1:04 PM] Kentas runs his hands along the illusionary wall before turning to Lude and Itami, "These walls are mysterious.. Lude did you knoe about these?" He asks the guy who has ventured in here before.

Radella flys through, a ripple effect hitting the illusionary wall, she flys close to Mel and Wolf, watching them both for changes.

Lude [1:27 PM] After restraining the rito once more and walking through the illusory wall he answers. "Yes i did there are also illusory traps and monsters here. I remember my arm being broken and being thrown out by a hidden hand. Be on the lookout for it."

Talion [1:32 PM] Talion rubs his head as he stands up, a little woozy at first, but he manages to regain balance. "Damn magic, thought I could handle it.". He says to himself.

Kentas [2:28 PM] Kentas pushes through the wall and spots Wolf and Mel a few steps ahead, he can barely see in front of him and the potion doesn't help with that.

Itami APP [4:29 PM] Itami found some time to find entertainment on the situation they're in, laughing about the response to magic. "I'm sure you know now there are different levels to magic," she regarded Talion with amusement. "Good thing I thought to keep you bound. Given hiw tricky magic is, perhaps we csn refrain from uttering phrases we don't understand?" She directed the statement at no one in particular, but it was said to everyone.

She kept herself focused on her task, the darkness of this place almost felt thick enough to breathe. She had to admit, this place gave the Forest a run for its rupees. Her experiences there felt similarly to the darkness here.

"I've never been in here to know much about it," she spoke to Kentas. "I've always known the presence it had but that's it. Yet, I have run into the hand Lude spoke of." She grabbed a torch off the wall and held it aloft to bring some light to their group.

"Wolf, what is it that you hear that's bothering you? Can you figure it out?"

Kentas [4:43 PM] Kentas' ears twitch as he focuses on the sound that Wolf heard, his ears aren't as good as a wolf, though through drops of water and a what sounds like faint moaning, he can hear something.

"What is it indeed?" He asks curiously as Radella flys over wolf, before returning to him.

Wolf [5:19 PM] *I'm not sure what but it sounds like clicking and if I listen more I can hear faint screams and moaning. This place has never seen better days."

Lude [5:20 PM] Lude follows behind Itami Talion still slung over his shoulder.

Kentas [5:22 PM] Kentas screams like a girl.. or a high pitched boy as he feels a hand wrap around his ankle and yank, as he looks down though the hand is gone.

"I thought I felt a.. and then it wasn't.. b-but.." He stays silent and embarrassed as he screamed aloud infront of everyone, he is still inexperienced to such dark mysteries and the atmosphere of this Temple begins to break him.

Lude [6:27 PM] Lude picks up the Kokiri and rests him on his other shoulder. He could come down when he calms down. "It was the hand wasn't it?"

Melkibren [6:34 PM] Mel looks over at Lude "Any more room up there?" He says with a wry grin. Even with his humor, his step lightens and his eases his sword in its sheath, one hand resting gently on the hilt

Talion [6:48 PM] Talion looks over at Kentas, then Mel, then up at Lude, "I don't suppose you could let me down and untie me?" (edited)

Kentas [6:54 PM] Kentas shakes his head at Talion before gulping hard, "Well Mr.Bird.. I would rather stay up here.. you might not even be able to see the things in here. I *KNOW* I don't wanna go back down just yet.." Radella hovers around Lude worried for them all, she can sense all the energy around them.

Wolf [7:03 PM] Wolf starts sniffing the ground "what is this hand you speak of knight?" Wolf says as he looks at Lude

Lude [7:09 PM] "It's like a giant hylian hand, years ago when i tried exploring this temple it broke my arm and threw me out. Now that i can see through illusions i can have my revenge." He jostles Talion one more time. "Not until Itami says you are fine."

Wolf [7:11 PM] Wolf nods at Lude "well I wonder what its gonna do this time" wolf says to group

Talion [7:13 PM] Talion sighs, then rests down on Lude's shoulder. "Well, if I'm stuck up here I might as well tell you. As Lude knows, I have the ability to use my panflute for magic. However, this magic doesn't come from me. The magic actually comes from another source, one you may know as the Granter of Boons. I draw my ability from him, the only problem is that sometimes he, she, whatever it is, decides to try to use me as a vessel. Usually I can fight it since I hear those words in my head, the ones I was repeating earlier. I think it must be the dark magic of this place though, it must be."

Kentas [7:23 PM] Kentas gazes at Talion, "Then the dark magic magic provoked it to attack us?" He raised a brow weakly as he ran through his thoughts of this place.

The hand certainly crept him out, but he was sure that there would be more disturbing creatures within this temple.

Talion [7:39 PM] Talion nods to Kentas, "Yes, I believe this place is so powerful that I couldn't resist it, neither could the Granter."

Itami APP [8:01 PM] Itami continued forward down the corridor, introducing the group to a room with stone pillars, circling the room with strange carvings of bird heads settled atop. Across the room us a gap that leads down to...who knows where. Another false wall reveals a secondary corridor to follow.

"I'm not familiar with this Granter of Boons," she remarked to Talion. "But I'm assuming that this Granter is a force of good? I don't have anything in particular to counteract the darkness, but..." She looks up to Radella and resists her natural urge to grab her.

"With some fairy dust, I may be able to blend something together that can offer us temporary protections. Fairies can live in places like these, but we'd have to find them. For now, we have a companion among us. Would you mind lending aid for some pinches of dust?" She asked of Radella.

(ooc: APP [8:03 PM] Whoops. Forgot to include that gap has a door on the other side, surrounded by a stylized stone carving of some beast.)

Fallon [8:03 PM] (OOC: Double fudge. Hahaha. Just goofing all over the place)

Kentas [8:04 PM] Radella bops up and down in a moment of shock, she heard stories from other fairies of people that devoured them for lifeforce.. she gulped. "H-how would you acquire this dust from me?.." She spoke hesitantly to Itami.

Kentas looked around the room from Lude's shoulder, feeling his food sink back in his stomach he climbed down of his own free will and looked about the room.

Lude [8:24 PM] Relieved Kentas regained his nerve, he walked to the gap eyeing the door on the other side. "I don't suppose you have any spells that could get us over there?" Turning to Radella he says. "I'm sure Itami could acquire the dust by non..lethal means." (edited) "Oh before i forget, remind me to remove one of these statues for Netri. We do still owe her treasure."

Itami APP [8:54 PM] "Shake it out of you," Itami replied simply. "That is to say, if you shake yourself enough, you'll produce dust. I can gather it and combine it with other ingredients to produce a warding mixture," she grinned at Radella.

To Lude, she continued, "I don't think it wise of us to remove a pillar. In temples, many features often have significance. Perhaps we can grave rob something else for Netri," she chuckled. "But I can respect your desire to do something great for her."

Kentas [9:00 PM] Radella became reluctant to be shaken and began shaking and shedding her fairy dust in the air above Itami.

The minute she felt she made enough dust fall she Babombed her way under Kentas' hat, it shocked him but he remained calm as he tried to regain his courage.

Melkibren [9:21 PM] Mel slowly walks around the edge of the room, surveying the walls and statues and floor. Finally he pulls the grappling hook from his pack and hands it out to Lude to throw across the gap. "Best thing I can think of. One at a time, single file. Someone will have to anchor this end unless you think that statue is sturdy enough for an anchor to be tied off on."

Talion [10:30 PM] Talion's struggles a bit, "When exactly can I get down?"

Lude [10:54 PM] "I honestly forgot about those..." Lude takes the grappling hook and sets Talion down next to a statue. Examing it he concludes it could be used as an anchor. Going to the edge of the gap he throws the hook across, landing on the stone carving.

Pulling on the rope it seems to be fine, he anchored the rope to the statue and knelt down to untie Talion. "Don't make me regret this rito. I will not hesitate to hit you again."

Talion [11:05 PM] Talion chuckles a bit, "I don't doubt that."

Kentas [8:07 AM] Kentas steps to the edge before looking down the gap, the darkness swallowing its contents.

Pulling a Deku Nut from his bag he tosses it directly down, after a few seconds neither a flash nor a sound was made and Kentas stepped back, unnerved by the pit.

Building up courage he places himself right at the edge of the pit and roars loudly into it, his scream more masculine and angry this time.

Talion [8:10 AM] Talion's steps up to the edge, looking down at the gaping darkness below.

Wolf [12:25 PM] Wolf walks up and looks down at the pit and then turns away and waits

John APP [12:48 PM] John checks to make sure his equipment is well secured, then clambers onto the rope and starts across, shinning along underneath. "I don't imagine our quadrupedal

friend could manage this," John remarks as he goes. "Anybody have any ideas for getting him across?"

Melkibren [1:06 PM] "Talion, are you well enough to fly? Maybe you could haul wolf across."

Lude [3:10 PM] Lude straps his shield to his hip, climbs across and makes it safely. His armor is heavy hylian plate so if he could make it anyone else could easily clamber across.

Kentas [3:12 PM] Kentas walks across the rope like a tightrope his small Kokiri feet making it a simple task with a few off-balance wobbles here and there.

As he gets to the other side he looks back, a sigh escapes him before he looks downward into the pit.

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Melkibren [9:06 PM] Mel makes sure all his gear is secure and climbs his way across as well, pulling out his sword and shield once he is on the other side and begins inspecting the door

Wolf [9:22 PM] "I think I'd be able to walk across it ain't that hard." Wolf says as he walks up to the rope and begins to cross, when he reaches the other side he sits down and again his eyes go from a green to a purple, and his fur this time changes in a slight wave from its black to a very rich dark blue. (edited)

Itami APP [9:45 PM] "Enjoying that pit? It's unsettling, but I guess giving it a good shout can help steel the nerves," Itami remarked of Kentas' actions. She summoned her broom and used it to float in the air and across the gap. Even if she was confident in her ability to fly, hovering over a vast emptiness wasn't exactly the greatest feeling.

"I hope we find this wizzrobe soon. I'm not liking the differences of energies swirling around in this place. It's bothering me," she grumbled.

Melkibren [9:46 PM] "You're not the only one its bothering I think." Mel says as he notices Wolf's "ripple"

Wolf [9:48 PM] "seems a little small of a gap to have with such a huge corridor at the enterance." Wolf says as he waits for the group to move on. (edited)

Itami APP [10:21 PM] "The distance across doesn't matter much. You saw what happened with the deku nut our companion tossed down. It never once flashed or struck any surface. What matters is the depth which appears to be endless," Itami described to Wolf. "Let's move forward." She moves towards the door, noting Mel's remarks. She didn't draw attention to it quite yet, but her eyes were searching over the group to see who it was.

As they entered the next area, they were treated to another long hallway. This temple seems to favor those, but it starts to stand out that this place appears to have been traversed before and not just by a wizzrobe. The hall opens up to a circular chamber, its false walls revealing a treasure chest that's long since been opened and a couple of re-dead sitting to themselves in their own nooks. In the center is a slowly rotating spike trap. The western most part of the area features a door that has been opened, the bars that once locked it in place now peeking out from above the stone frame.

"Looks like this might have been the source of all that grinding and screaming, so to speak... We should tread carefully. You do not want to draw their attention. Unfortunately, I can't make anything for warding yet, but I've been holding out some meager hope that I'll find something to assist in that...I have the fairy dust, but I'll need something more."

Wolf [10:59 PM] "would it be much of a challenge to take one of those undead down?" Wolf asks Itami.

Wolf [12:26 AM] Wolf sniffs the air towards one and isn't shocked by hownbad they smell but shocked at how they have a faint smell of something familiar but he can't pin point it so he walks a little closer, and closer to see if he can identify the smell untill he hears and ear piercing screech and hes frozen in place and he's watching the redhead walk towards him slowly.

Itami APP [1:25 AM] "Suppose that answers the question," Itami states as she takes her torch and tosses it across the room towards the redead to set in on fire. It may not destroy it, but it may be enough to break the trance that it placed upon Wolf. The other readead, seeing that its dead kin has been assaulted, begins to raise up and slowly pad across the room, its feet clicking softly against the ground where the flesh was thin enough to give way to bone beneath it.

Talion [2:03 AM] Talion snaps out of his daze, he had another moment, "S-sorry, I had to process something."

Wolf [2:17 AM] Wolf shakes it of and jumps back. "Yikes! That's a lot harder to deal with than I expected."

Lude [3:01 AM] Putting pieces of cotton in his ear Lude advances toward the first redead. Making sure to avoid eye contact with it, he thrusts his sword into the weakened beast's chest, the redead slumping down to the floor in a foetal position. He never could tell if they die or just go dormant.

Kentas [5:50 AM] Kentas wavers at the first scream, it seemed to be out of range.. or wasn't focused on him yet.

There was no point clogging his ears, his sharp senses would wriggle through any blockage. He steps closer to the awoken Redead only for the others to rise up like puppets on strings being pulled by a dark puppeteer.

"This isn't good.." Kentas states. Radella looks in the direction of them, she can clearly see them but is spooked by their intimidatingly grim appearance.

Melkibren [10:28 AM] Mel's steps falter for a second upon hearing the redead scream, then he charges forward as he regains his senses, thrusting his sword into the chest of the shambling fallen, twisting his blade as it enters to create a sizable hole in its chest, weakened bone and flesh giving way to trained muscle and hardened steel. "It seems we have found our welcoming party! Wolf, remember what I taught you about weak points, and remember the flesh of the dead is quite flammable!"

Cxnthandy101 [12:33 PM] joined #shadow_temple.

Kentas [1:17 PM] Kentas dashes at a Redead who seems to be directed at someone, as he closes in Dagger drawn he hears a gutwrenching scream and freezes mere inches from it.

It's head shuffles around as it looks down on Kentas, it's hollow eyes pierce into his very being before it moves like a snake and wraps itself around Kentas.

He screams out in pain as he thrashes about, the Redead attached and draining him of his lifeforce. Radella shrieks and slams herself against the Redead, her efforts in vain as the undead barely reacts and continues to feed on him. (edited)

Melkibren [1:31 PM] Mel switched his sword into his shield hand and spins, dropping low to one knee. As he spins, his arm arcs wide, 2 knives leaving his hand as he moves, aimed right at the neck of the redead on Kentas. As the knives fly, he jumps towards it in a sprint, putting his sword back in his main hand in a charge towards the ancient flesh being

Redead APP [2:21 PM] The beast weakens from Mel's knives as they slice through its nape, however this undead creature functions fine as it throws Kentas, limp and weak as he had his lifeforce stolen.

The Redead slowly rises and gazes at Mel as he approaches, it leans back before letting out another cry of death, attempting to freeze Mel and the other companions.

Wolf [2:29 PM] Wolf Pulls his ears down to avoid the screech and grabs a near by stick. "Can some one light this stick? I've got an idea."

Lude [2:35 PM] Lude could feel the scream of the redead vibrate his plate armor, turning around to face the source he sees Kentas on the floor and a redead shambling towards Mel. He could not help however as another redead was advancing toward him. Picking up the still lit torch Itami threw he flung it in the direction of Mel and attacked his foe, slashing at the legs, his blade cleaving through old bone and withered flesh with ease.

Melkibren [2:42 PM] Mel instinctively points his sword straight up in front of his as he sees the creatures mouth prepare for another scream, its cry freezing even his experienced body and mind for a moment. Mel fought in his mind against the waves of fear and anguish, forcing them into a small flame he imagined, taking every though and burning it to nothing, his mind enters a void, no thought, no feeling, no emotion. Slowly the redead shambles towards Mel, his blade still held vertically. As it leans forward towards Mel, he thrusts his sword straight into the creatures head from below As its body weight crumples towards him, Mel inverts his sword still in the redhead's skull, point down and thrusts down into its spine and burying the point of his sword in the floor tiles. His face blank and unconcerned, he looks down at the redead folded backwards, skull and spine transfixed on his blade and grabs the torch and lights the withered flesh alight

Kentas [4:50 PM] Kentas pushes himself up from the ground as best he could, his energy sapped and his consciousness fading. Radella zooms close to him, analyzing his situation with worry, "Kentas! Oh goddess... Its ok, there doesn't seem to be too grave of a wound."

He rolls over in pain, it was true there was barely a bite mark, but his whole body felt on fire and numb at the same time. He looked around the room at the remaining Redead's and notices one in the corner, tucked away by the shadows..

It wears a chestplate with Hylian Noble markings, wrapped up in old rotten bandages yet, barely visible behind it was a thick and rusted broadsword wrapped in cloth and more bandages.. was this a mummy or a knight?

Wolf [4:54 PM] Wolf walks over to kentas and guards him. "You ok young one?" Wolf ask kentas. (edited)

Melkibren [4:58 PM] Mel surveys the group with an expressionless gaze, his empty eyes passing over Kentas laying on the ground to Wolf and over to Lude finishing off the other redead. He pulls his knives and sword out of the burning redead without any change in his face, his eyes cold and glinting in the scant light in the room. His voice hard, cold, dark, and commanding; very unlike

his normal lightly sarcastic tone, he says "Rest and recover. Lude, take point. Lets clear the room and connecting corridor."

Kentas [5:07 PM] Kentas pushes himself up more as he looks at wolf who has his back to him, "I.. am f-fine. Just weak.." he states calmly with pangs of pain and wincing.

Radella sticking close to him.

Wolf [5:18 PM] Wolf walks over to kentas and drops him a bit of rabbit he had in his bag from before. "Here take this."

Lude [5:20 PM] "HAHAHAHAHA... Aye." With newfound vigor Lude puts away his shield and grips his blade with both arms. Hacking, slashing and rending flesh using the techniques taught to him by the ex-captain he decapitates the heads of all undead close to him. The scent of rot filling the air as old blood, black and foul clung to his armor. "Good to see you again... old man." He says to Melkibren looking at the expression on his face. (edited)

Melkibren [5:25 PM] Mel puts his shield on his back and makes quick work of any enemies that get past Lude, striking with precision with quick thrusts and snappy slashes, body parts dropping around the two fighters, their bodies almost working in unison, dancing around one another, large blade followed by the smaller, thrusts thrown under outstretched slashes, feet always moving around one another as Lude takes the heavier enemies and Mel attacks the smaller and faster creatures. After a minute, both knights stand back to back, breathing easily despite the vicious attack they just made; surrounded by twitching undead limbs and body parts. (edited)

Spoof APP [5:29 PM] darknut The nobly clad corpse stands, the body falling to dust beneath the armor, the suit of steel stands empty and hefts its considerable two handed blade onto its shoulder. Dark orbs shine from inside the rusted helmet, fixated on the two knights and their dance of death. As the last undead falls, it steps forward with a _THUD_, drawing the attention of the rest of the group

Darknut APP [5:52 PM] takes another undead stride to the knights a boom in its feet as it roars loudly with a sonic boom effect, playing with the handle of its sword it then almost utters words filled with rotten blood and flesh, "..fiIiIIggGGghhTTt.."

Melkibren [5:58 PM] Mel stands next to Lude and hooks his shield onto the back of the bigger knight. sword in hand held lazily by his side, tip hovering barely above the floor tiles, looking sideways at the darknut. His face still blank and unconcerned, cold eyes measuring the possessed armor. "Ill go high, you go low?"

Lude [6:08 PM] "Hoo rah."

Melkibren [6:09 PM] "Attack."

Lude [6:15 PM] Lude charges at the darknut going for the legs and gut. His back toward the ex-captain. Swinging at the knees the knight blocks a downward strike let loose by the darknut.

Melkibren [6:19 PM] As Lude rushes forwards, Mel jumps onto his shield on the others back, and then springs into the air, pushed by the momentum of the stronger knights speed and power, he leaps into the air above the darknut, coming down with his body weight with his sword pointed down, he drives the sword home into the lumbering armors open face of its helmet as Lude connects with its lower half, the combined force sending the darknut crashing to the floor where it laid silent and unmoving

Lude [6:26 PM] Lude picks up the defeated darknut's greatsword and his helmet. "I'm keeping these." (edited)

Melkibren [6:44 PM] Mel pulls his sword loose with a small flourish, closing his eyes as he slowly sheathes it. He takes a deep breath and stands completely still with his eyes closed for a few moments. When they open, he looks his normal self, eyes no longer cold, expression on his face again. He nods once at Lude and then studies the battlefield "Looks like that's over with, lets check on the others."

Kentas [6:55 PM] Kentas stands up, better after consuming the rabbit leg but still weak from the redead's feast on him. He props himself against the closest wall and sighs heavily as he looks at Mel and Lude, two experienced knights making light work of such nightmares.

He glare's slightly and frowns on how easy they made the task, then he realises his thoughts and crashes to his knee's. This place was crawling it's way in his head, he shouts to everyone, panicked by his actions.

"Oh.. Oh god.. I-I am not in my right mind! I felt so angry about you two knights.. I felt hatred for you both cause of my inexperience.." he says meekly as he sheds a tear and looks to the darkened stone of the temple floor.

Melkibren [6:59 PM] Mel pats the kokiri on the shoulder gently "It seems this place feeds upon the instincts buried deep within us, growing and intensifying them until they consume us. We will have to support each other in more ways than just in battle." Mel pulls a healing salve from his belt pouch and rubs it on the kokiri's bite mark

Lude [6:59 PM] "HAHAHAHA I remember being a whelp and being equally as angry with Melkibren. He would always best me at sparring."

Melkibren [7:04 PM] "Remember little one, you have held your blade less than a week. I've held mine for many years. As time goes on, your instincts and strengths will come naturally." Mel stands and walks past Lude, flicking the other knight's armor "As for you, I bested you because you insisted on wearing half the garrisons armor at once, and then fighting with a banged up piece of steel taller than yourself." (edited)

Wolf [7:10 PM] Wolf sits a bit away from the group just examining the environment seeing if he can find any more enemies or secrets

John APP [7:11 PM] John shoulders his bow (yes, he's been contributing to this combat even though his player hasn't had a chance to pose) and kneels by the remains of the darknut. "I recognize this crest. It's from the House of Loranis." John glances over to Itami. "Miss Itami, do you think Ruscov's soul could be used to exert command over the bodies of those who were loyal to Loranis in life?"

Talion [7:16 PM] Talion, his blade being resheathed as he emerges from a hallway after a bit of exploration, walks towards the group.

Kentas [7:20 PM] Kentas sobs a little more before looking up to the knights, "I know.. I just let the darkness of this place get inside.. I won't let it happen again!" He states proudly as he punches his chest where his heart lies.

Radella calms her flight, at ease of Kentas' condition, he lays back though to rest more, but feels worked up from the shaken will of his.

Melkibren [7:22 PM] Mel looks over to Talion "Anything ahead?"

Lude [7:24 PM] "I don't remember giving you permission to wander off rito. I hope you found something good for my sister." (edited)

Talion [7:39 PM] Talion snrks at Lude, "I'm not a pet Hylian. Not much ahead though, just some more of those strange dead creatures."

Itami APP [9:25 PM] Itami conserved her energy where she could, contributing where she felt was necessary in the fights, but much of her attention would be given to the wounded, it seems. She went over to Kentas after the ordeal, having witnessed the actions the redead took against him. "It's not easy fighting against the undead. They like living things. Sometimes a bit too much," she remarked to him. "However, you should be fine if you rest up. You fought pretty well, though considering it's your first time at it," she flicked her hand and produced a red potion. "You should take this. It will restore some of the vitality you lost," she offered to him.

"As for the crest, well, we could give it a shot. Given that it was the house Ruscov was part of, it is quite possible he has enough of a connection to exert control," she remarked to John. "I've heard this sort of thing being referred to as Phantoming. Let's try it." She raised up from the ground to her full height. "I think we should give ourselves a chance to recuperate for a short time, then proceed forward. As for our Rito friend, no, he is not a pet, but I stress the importance of staying with the group. You came here alone before and ended up bewitched. Distancing yourself may risk that happening again and I don't think you want to have any reason to be bound by Lude again. I feel he may be all too eager to engage in that duty. He is a knight, after all." She grinned.

Melkibren [9:29 PM] "Agreed. We could build a fire, warm the cold. Can you create a small ward Itami?" Mel dropped his pack and began pulling out rations, jerky and dried fruits mostly, neatly bound into parchment packets for planning and began handing them out

John APP [9:35 PM] John blinks. "Try it? I was asking if that could be what Dorjan is using Ruscov's soul for. How could we..." John glances at the guay on his shoulder. "...Um..." Scruvo flaps his wings excitedly. "Crikey, that'll be bonzah if it works! I could be like, 'Oi, you dead bloke, rustle me up some nightcrawlahs an' a side o' grubs!'" 8D John pinches the bridge of his nose. X| "I hate to desecrate the fallen more than they already are being, but we do need every advantage we can get...how would we go about trying that, though? I'm guessing Dorjan also needed that artifact for whatever he's doing, and we only have a tiny fragment of Ruscov's soul...and I'd hate to risk it getting pulled out of Scruvo before..." >.>

Itami APP [9:50 PM] "Oh, that's what you were asking. I thought you were seeking to utilize some of those powers for yourself, but now I understand. It seems my background hasn't left me quite yet," Itami snickered. "I wouldn't place it past the wizzrobe to be utilizing his soul to control those of his house. However, the same effect should also be true of Scruvo to the Loranis servants. In fact, that may be a loophole we can exploit. Of course, it does come with the danger of having his soul pulled, that much is true, but it also means an advantage. Magic like that usually doesn't come without some drawbacks," she shrugged.

"But if you'd like

to play it safe, it'd keep the fragment secured into the guay. If he does go commanding bodies, he could reconnect with pieces of himself that could strengthen his attachments. Assuming the 'gateways', of sorts are open, which they should be due to Dorjan, Scruvo shouldn't need an artifact in order to perform the same magic. He still maintains his senses about his soul, so...it's highly possible that he could break a connection if he ever felt threatened. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, desecration is a tool to utilize in the absence of anything else." "I can try to form up a ward. I'll have to check through my belongings and see if I have something that can work with this fairy dust that was so generously given," she knelt to the ground and searched through her bag for ingredients to use for a ward, per Mel's request.

Lude [10:02 PM] Lude sat next to the fire sharpening his blade and eating jerky, thoroughly confused by what Itami was saying.

Kentas [10:04 PM] Kentas slowly drinks the red potion given to him by Itami, he is thankful for the words of wisdom and reassurance from everyone as he slowly feels strength come back to his body.

He sits down still, trying to reserve what little energy he has, pulling out his own food concoctions from his bag he unwraps them from a large glossy leaf, deku nuts filled with various herbs and grains and a mushroom grilled like a steak with fine Kokiri herbs.

He also takes his time with his food, not wishing to push his stomach which felt empty, much so after the draining effect of the redead.

Melkibren [11:02 AM] Mel crouched on his heels with his back to the fire with his bow across his knees, eating his rations and watching the hallway for signs of movement

Wolf [12:31 PM] Wolf layed on the floor a bit away from the group just so he could keep an ear on the other side of the hallway. (edited)

Dead APP [2:12 PM] Hand Though the Adventurers were successful in slaying some Redead's guarding the room.

A more twisted beast awaited further into the temple, it could sense their presence and awaited to tangle them and hold them with its rotten white hands.

The Dead Hand's revival was important to the Wizzrobe.. It's dark presence and nature made the perfect guardian and fuel of evil energy for its plans.

Rome [2:13 PM] (btw, side note, if you use an underscore in /p Dead_Hand, it'll do a space

Kentas [2:13 PM] (Yeah! Just remembered that as I hit send! Such a fail! xD)

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Kentas [2:19 PM] After a moment Kentas stood up and slowly stretched out his aching body. The potion did its job but there was still something there from his encounter from the Redead..

His body felt stiff like a zombie no matter how much he stretched but knew that it should pass when they leave this place.

He draws his dagger and makes slow swings to get his body ready for any more encounters, he then stared at Wolf and Mel guarding the group without giving such a presence.

Kentas then turned to Itami and walked over, he asked her casually as he felt left out, "Is there anything I can do to help?" He asked her, she seemed to have a grasp at fighting off this temple's array of energies. (Thanks guys! Will keep that in mind! :smile:)

Lude [12:03 PM] Lude takes a bites of his jerky. "And to think just a few hours ago my sister, Tika and I stepped through a portal to another land. The town was on fire..."

The stress of his journeys was starting to wear on him it seems as he layed his back on the floor. "Dark times these are."

Kentas [3:17 PM] Kentas looks to Lude, a sadness in his amber eyes, "They are.. I didn't realize till I left the woods as well. How foolish I am to think that everything would be simple and joyful."

Radella rubs against his head, the fairy's attempt at comforting the boy. "It's ok. It is a surprise to me too, but we have friends to brighten those times. And maybe we can help too!" She says with a reassuring glow before fluttering over Lude and sprinkling fairy dust in his face.

"Don't give up Mr. Knight! I am sure we can all fix this after we deal with the Wizzrobe!" She then begins to zoom about all the warriors bumping and prodding them with her body of light as if she was trying to encourage some kind of interaction as they seemed a bit absent from the conversation.

Wolf [3:22 PM] Wolf lays there still just watching, he then gets up and walks a bit ahead of the group and sits there and watches

Dorjan APP [10:24 PM] Meanwhile, a bit deeper down in the temple, in the room where the twin reaper statues spin with their giant scythes outstretched, Dorjan sits on a pile of wooden beams in the corner, focusing his magic. The artifact he stole during the raid on Castle Town, which looks like a huge and impractical torch stand, has been nestled between the statues, and on top of it sits a jar containing an ethereal glow. Every so often a similar luminosity comes up out of the ground and stretches out toward the jar, only to be harvested by the giant scythes and cast toward a recently-opened hole in the wall by Dorjan. Dorjan's eyes crinkle in malicious glee as another redead shambles out of the breached crypt, and he begins to hum to himself in his raspy voice.

:musical_note: This is a triumph I'm making a mob here, huge success It used to take so long to raise a faction Stalfos and redeads They took so much juice to make and keep Now I've got the Duke's army (at least the ones who are dead) But there's no using keeping them in dirty deep holes I'll just keep on reaping 'till I run out of souls Then the Dukedom we'll raid And more pawns will be made From the people who are STILL ALIVE :musical_note:

Wolf [12:12 AM] Wolf walks ahead a bit more away from the group and starts to get curious. (edited)

Itami APP [5:35 PM] Itami had been working diligently in silence while the group recovered. There was a clear overlapping in the darkness of the temple anf that which was Dorjan's work. Between the both of them almost neither were preferable.

Still, none of this beat her time in the forest just getting here. She still finds herself wondering how she managed to make the trip and survive.

With the fairy dust she had and some choice ingredients she had to scrounge around in her pack for, she managed to produce a warding potion for the adventurers to drink. Finally.

"With these potions, we can keep dark forces from affecting us for a limited time." She proceeded to pass them around by floating them to their destinations.

"I think it's about time we started to get moving. Any longer and I think precious time will be at stake."

Kentas [6:18 PM] Kentas nods casually before grabbing the floating potion before drinking it eagerly, the effects wouldn't kick in right away but he was happy to have some reassurance for his mentality for now.

Radella turned to fly back to Kentas until she noticed Wolf walking further away from the group, she spoke aloud to notify everyone.

"Is the big wolf ok? He is wandering off!" She states as she bobs up and down in the air.

Lude [8:58 PM] Lude wiped the fairy dust off of his face, and added it to the potion that floated toward him then drank it, "We ready to go?" He stood up and readied his blade. "Let the wolf go, though if he dies i will want his pelt."

Wolf [10:41 PM] Wolf starts walking totally zoned out and unaware of what he is doing and where he is "Hmm I wonder what other ways you could fry up some rabbit?" He says to himself

John APP [10:49 PM] John swigs down his portion of potion and nods. "I agree, time is not our ally right now." Scruvo tilts his beak up and lets John pour the last trickle from the bottle down his gullet. "Hmm, int'restin' stuff. Is that glow-worms I taste?" :9 John shudders. "The rest of us don't want to know about that stuff, Scruvo." >.<;

John hurries along the downward-sloping passage after Wolf, trying to be at the vanguard of this venture as much as possible. It might make more strategic sense for a more heavily-armored ally to do that, but John still thinks of this wizzrobe as primarily _his_ problem, and he doesn't want to put anybody else in more danger than he has to. The passage ahead opens up into a small room that serves as a four-way intersection. In the not-too-distant past, a certain Hero encountered a beamos here, but today it's occupied by the above-mentioned dead hand. Eight arms stick up out of the floor, one on each side of every doorway in and out of the room, ready to grasp any intruders. There seems to be a crooning moan coming from below, and those of especially sharp hearing might even imagine there are actually words involved.

:musical_note: I'm not even hungry I'm being so sincere right now I won't even grab you if you come in Or tear you to pieces Or bite you and rip your sweet flesh off I'm just here to greet our guests (I'm really happy you've come) I'm a cordial host and not a hideous beast Let me shake your hand and welcome you to the feast I'm in very great haste To meet you and have a taste Of the people who are STILL ALIVE :musical_note:

_OOC: Sorry for taking over your mook Kentas, but I needed to get the situation the group is facing established, and I also need every opportunity I can get to move through this song. X) Feel free to be in control of it in the fight that's doubtless about to ensue._

Wolf [11:22 PM] Wolf turns around and snarls at John. Wolfs eye glowing a beaming red but darker than those of a stalfos. "Stay away from here humans, you don't want to find out what's going on down here." Wolf barks, snaps and growls before running in and straight through the 4 way of doors, deeper into the temple.

Melkibren [11:29 PM] Mel nods and tucks the potion onto his belt pouch and then notices wolf and John are

missing from the room. "Lude, your friend disappeared, as did Wolf. If we're ready, we should move on, find where they went." Mel then pulls his shield back onto his arm and lessens his sword in the sheath and resumes his crouched watch off the hallways while waiting for everyone else to ready themselves

Lude [11:41 PM] "We should look for John first. I believe wolf would catch up to us." Lude readied his shield and sword and begins moving, assuming the rest to follow.

Wolf [11:43 PM] Wolf continues running down the hallways going deeper into the temple untill he stops and comes too, realizing where he is he starts panicking untill something grabs him and drags him downward into the darkness.

Lude [11:55 PM] Lude comes across a downward sloping passage and traversed it, shield and sword at the ready. He came through a passage and into a small room. Seeing John he steps forward to him. "You shouldn't run off like that, where's wo..." Before he finished his sentence two long rotting arms bursted up from the ground and latched onto the knight. Gripping him in place, the arms squeezed Lude so tight his armor could be heard groaning under the pressure. "Argh!! by the goddess!!" Lude could hear rumbling in the dirt close to him. (edited)

Melkibren [12:16 AM] Mel runs past Lude, sword slashing at the hand holding the knights sword arm. As he reaches John a hand bursts from the ground and grabs his ankles, sending him sprawling, his sword falling from his grasp

Kentas [5:40 AM] Kentas sticking close behind them see's the hands reaching out to grab them harshly, he exclaims as he draws his dagger, a newfound rage in his heart, "That is the hand I have been seeing!"

He charges into action as he jumps and latches onto Mel's big back before then slashing at the hands at Mel's ankles he rips through their undead white flesh gripping him tightly making a huge leap off him towards Lude in case he needed help.

More hands began to sprout throughout the room as they reach for John, Mel, Lude and Kentas. Itami was still a bit outside the room and could prepare herself.

(No worries! Anyone is free to take over Dead Hand, I just thought it would add to the Shadow Temple as it is fairly menacing!) (edited)

Itami APP [6:29 PM] By this point, Itami was slowly reaching the point of lacking care. She often didn't care, but when she did care, she cared so little enough that what she donated would return to her without many losses. The idea of the group splitting up once again has brought her to the edge and soon, people were going to end up lost here and she would just have to accept that.

She advanced with the group, bouncing between going solo and or maintaining with the rest of the group. Considering the numbers that were still available, she erred on the side of the group. Having fell behind, she ended up missing the lovely song crooned out by the Dead Hand, but her arrival allowed her to bear witness to the fight already in progress.

"Don't attack anymore hands!" She called out. "Let it capture you!" That...didn't sound very team worthy. Maybe she did reach her end or maybe she had something else in mind. With Kentas now in its grips, she continued, "Let Kentas remain captured! Clear away from any hands and hold positions!" It was her hope the Dead Hand would be drawn to the Kokiri, leaving the former open to attack.

Dead Hand APP [6:50 PM] Sure enough, Itami's knowledge proved true as the ground rumbled and the undead monstrosity revealed itself, its white as snow skin stuck out from the darkness but the splotches of purple blood and bruising covered its skin as well.

It towered over the warriors with its big blubber shape and decayed aura but its attention drawn to the kokiri boy it felt within it's grasp of the root like hands it spawned from the ground.

It shuffled it's mass closer, unexplainable dark magic carried it across the ground but its massive jaw became dislodged as it prepared to bite the boy in half, it was only a few feet away now.

It was becoming impatiently hungry as its hands clutched their blood red nails into Kentas' skin, drawing blood. It gripped him tight and made it impossible to move, Radella could only cower under His hat.

John APP [9:31 PM] John knows about dead hands. He and his fellow soldiers were instructed in the theory of how to deal with them, and they put that training into practice the night Dorjan's minions attacked the Dukedom of Loranis. It's a horrific foe, especially for whoever gets grabbed, but it's not too difficult for a group to take down, as long as there's enough cooperation and knowledge of what to do. Itami seems to be dispensing that knowledge, thankfully.

John draws his longsword and hacks through the hand clinging to Melkibren's ankles, then runs over to where the main body is menacing Kentas. A couple of strokes to the monster's head keeps its jaws from bring able to aim at its target. "Don't chase it if it starts to retreat!" John calls out as he slashes. "Keep well back, you'll see why in a moment!"

Lude [9:06 AM] As Lude's hand was freed he gripped his sword only to realize the dead hand squeezed his arm so tight it bent his gauntlet rendering his sword hand useless. All he could do was throw his hunting knife at the thing's back until he could remove his gauntlet.

Wolf [12:45 PM] Screaming from wolf could be heard throughout the temple, what he was screaming for though is unknown for now and will soon be revealed to the group. (edited)

Itami. APP [5:45 PM] This temple was now a runner up in contention with her time in the forest. Itami's frustration at the situation was growing into a broiling anger.

The darkness permeating this place from that wizzrobe was intense and grew worse the closer they got to him. She would want nothing more than to see him taken out. Besides, he's making her life more difficult. Honestly, all she wanted was for some saps to go hunting for hinox and lynels for a generous sum of rupees that she didn't have to pay on the off chance they died. Sigh.

"The creature is retreating! Like our companion stated, do not follow it!" She spoke while watching the Dead Hand turn away and begin shuffling back across the floor to dive into the ground. Sending a burst of earth up strong enough to throw a giant moblin off its feet.

She hastened over to Kentas and cut away at the hands grasping him with her claws until they relinquished their grasp.

"Alright, next round," she went and threw herself into a pair of hands, hissing softly as they held tightly onto her body like a vice. "When it resurfaces, that's the time to launch your attacks. We should alternate between catching and releasing so we can maintain our control over this battle."

The scream that echoed throughout the temple provided a dramatic introduction for the Dead Hand to return to the surface with, his hiding spot having been fairly close to Itami. Enough to make her worry that her flesh was about to become mince meat.

Kentas [6:01 PM] Kentas rubbed his wounds quickly before gripping at his dagger, he makes a dash for Itami as he slices at the Dead Hand, his arm swings fluid and smooth as the blade cleanly cleaves through its throat, he swings again for the eyes before rolling closer to Itami and taking up a guard-like pose with his shield.

"I have your back! If you feel too vulnerable, I will free you." He clenches his dagger close with an intense aura as he stares deeply into the Dead Hand's Gaze, Radella feels the ferocious energy in the air and stays under Kentas' hat.

Itami APP [6:32 PM] "I'm fine for now, just make sure the Dead Hand is taken care of! This is all necessary to fight it!" Itami stared at the creature as it turned about and began hiding once again.

"Now you can free me and someone else can become the victim of the hands, once again. Together, hopefully, we can get to this Dorjan menace and be done with this place. It needs to return to normal once again before it turns into a draw for monsters."

Kentas [6:50 PM] Kentas gives a simple nod, freeing Itami as he was freed, he sighs before looking at the claw marks in his arms and legs, "I will go again! I believe the rest of you have more strength to take it down." He states calmly as he focuses on the hands sprouting from the tainted ground.

He steps casually towards it before he is in it's range, it snaps at Kentas. Seizing him tightly for another attempt at a meal, it can be felt rumbling below them, the Dead Hand would certainly love a deliciously fresh Kokiri.

John APP [8:12 PM] With the method established, the group has little trouble finishing off the dead hand on its next emergence. Blades slash in unison at the head of the monster, finally twisting its neck past the breaking point and causing it to collapse in a twitching heap. As the unnaturally-held-together flesh starts to dissolve, a last verse gurgles from the dead hand's throat.

:musical_note: Go on and cleave me I think I've fulfilled my lord's desire Maybe you'll find someone else to play with :musical_note:

John grimaces. "That doesn't sound good. We'd better hurry." John strides over to the nearest door and opens it...only to see a mix of grinning stalfos and hollow-eyed redeads barring the way.

:musical_note: Please step right through here THAT WAS A JOKE, HAHA, FAT CHANCE Anyway, your living flesh Looks so delicious and moist :musical_note:

Dorjan eyes the small crowd of undead as they push out toward the adventurers. e.e

:musical_note: Look at me, still working while my minions have fun When I get out there, I bet it all will be done Still the future looks great I can pour out all my hate On the people who are STILL ALIVE :musical_note:

Lude [10:24 PM] Lude finally ripped the bent gauntlet off. Thoroughly vexed that he was not of much help in the fight against the dead hand he took off the other gauntlet and plucked

the hunting knife out of the thing's back. He readied his sword and shield, awaiting for orders from John as this was his fight after all. Lude was content to fighting off the stalfos and redead and allowing John to claim his long awaited victory... and his revenge.

Itami APP [10:39 AM] "I hate undead things so much. I mean, there's a reason why they're dead. They should just stay that way. Well, I shouldn't say that. They can honestly prove useful if utilized properly, but this is just frustrating. Alright, here's what I'll do. I'm going to..." Itami inhales and resists trying to take back her words. "I'm going to toss myself in there as bait and draw the attention of those redeads. What I want every single one of you to do is go in swinging. If I approach first, at the very least, all their stares will be on me and they'll seize me up. That will at least give you time to take them out, I'll hope."

That being said, she volunteers herself, running up with the intent of having the bunch of redead seek her out and draw their attention only to her. Honestly, having a number of them feast on you at the same time is incredibly unhealthy and...nothing she's experienced has been worse. In fact, this is probably the most insane idea she's ever come up with, but it'll have to do.

Already, she can feel her fears locking her up as she draws close enough to experience the full brunt of these monstrosities up close.

Kentas [11:56 AM] Kentas feels his inner courage build up as he spots Itami waver, he act's childish his mind forcing him to think of others in the most simple way, _"I have experienced it before I will go again."_ he thinks more than once as he nudges Itami with a fake smile.

"I don't mind going again as bait, you are more experienced and needed ahead.. Also I am a lot lighter to carry back if worse comes to worse!" He faintly speaks with a little pride, he holds his dagger tightly as his hand shakes, the horde ahead making themselves known more.

Radella flutters hard against his head shouting out, "Kentas it is too dangerous! I will never forgive you if you do this!" Red light pokes out of the cracks and holes of his hat.

John APP [9:11 PM] John backpedals as the undead foes push out into the room. It might have been smarter to try and hold the doorway since it looks like the enemy outnumbers them, but trying to _hold_ a position against foes that barely feel anything is a tough order, and John imagines this group can match two or three enemies per person. ~Besides, holding the doorway himself would leave the others with nothing to pose.~

John regains his balance and holds his sword ready, trying to guage the next move. Then Itami steps up and declares her intention to act. Ah, good, she's a witch, maybe she has some sort of magic blast that can wipe out or at least damage the whole lot at -- SHE'S GOING TO JUST LET THEM ALL PILE ON HER!?!? x.X; "Oi, Johnny-boy, this is th'part where you 'eroically slaughter th'foul monstahs an' rescue th'damsel in distress!" Scruvo calls out gleefully. "Y'can't ask for a bettah setup, she's even cooperatin' wi' it!" :D John splutters incoherently, then lunges forward swinging his blade as the undead converge on Itami. "ATTACK!!!" >.<;

Spoof APP [11:14 PM] Another scream coming from wolf could be heard, a scream of pain with a hint of a demonic voice laughing in the background, it only added on to the creepy, dark aura the leaked from the deepest part of the temple.

Lude [11:50 PM] Hearing the group's plan, Lude sheathes his sword and straps his shield across his back. A wild look comes across his face as he charges into the group of undead, the defeated darknut's greatsword in hand.

With wild swings, Lude cleaves a path through the vast swathes of undead.

Shura [8:45 PM] Standing at the very entrance shura ended up examining the entrince before delveing in farther eventualy finding a trail left behind by someone or some more then one keeping a very serious point of composure this place reaked of dark energy his sword drawing him for more then likely just that the evil flowing from this place. Though through more or less anoyinces of the fake ilusanary walls that just so happened to mess with his mind alittle made him feel strange when he found or stumbled on them eventualy fallowing the remains of monsters strewn farther in this place a soft clanging of metal in the distance to main group would let them know something was on the way as it got closer the closer shura got to them his blade slowly drawn hearing the noises of the group ahead.

Kentas [9:45 PM] Kentas noticed how the plan of sacrifice went out the window, Lude devastating the horde of undead with his newfound blade.

Making a hasty attack, Kentas ran for the the left side of the enemies, now distracted and thrown by Lude's mighty strength, he uses his blade and swings in an eight-like figure. His body relaxed and bending easily, cutting through the air and slicing at the backs of legs and napes.

Sometimes he would make a quick jab and send his sharpened dagger through bone and rotten flesh, killing off a few already weakened foes, his quickfooted self dodging and ducking between them all at the side of the passage. His small stature was helping with this sneak attack, he hoped more of his allies would join in this charge lead by Lude and John.

Itami APP [10:24 PM] It wasn't exactly a bright idea, but it was just enough for Itami to question the lengths that her sanity has tread this time. Drawing the attention of stalfos and redead didn't come without its consequences as those that could fit wrapped around her and collectively sucked a good amount off of her. It was to be expected, but their attachments weren't for long. Swords and melee of all kinds went into chopping them down and off of her body, dwindling the numbers of the enemies significantly.

Itami proceeded to drop to the floor on her hands and knees, feeling dizzy, but otherwise fine. She'd have to crawl to some safety at the moment, but what she managed to do helped in some form. Instead of all of them being frozen, only she bore the brunt of it.

"Keep doing what you're doing!" She regarded her group as she slipped away up against a wall to search through her satchel. She was going to need a potion and quickly.

"You there," she pointed out Shura. "Get going," she pointed weakly to the monsters and the group fighting. They'll need all the help they can get right now. She can't be bothered to figure out who he is at the moment. Still needs that potion.

Spoof APP [10:24 PM] The screaming coming from wolf stopped and a voice could be heard, if you listen closely you can hear it say "bloodlust, bloodthirst, bloodshed. There all something that a warrior can go through the weak will give in to it all, while the strong can overcome it. Seems like your friend had more bloodthirst in him than he could handle, but don't worry hes perfectly fine I've just made him stronger is all. AHAHAHAHA." A pause happened and then it said. " But do hurry, you don't want to keep him waiting now, do you?"

Shura [4:41 PM] Shura obviously getting the hint and rushing in twards the monsters plageing this group of others his smaller sword in hand chargeing forth with almost water like flow he atempts to cut down the nearest enemys to him while trying to clear the others from any struggleing his curved sword held in one hand his heavy swing meaning to cleave any aposeing force he was paired agesnt.

John APP [8:57 PM] John is...too busy hacking up undead to notice any voice that has to be listened to closely in order to hear it. c.c It was a crazy plan and doubtless quite costly for Itami, but it seems to be working. The stalfos are taking a bit longer than the redeads, having shields and the intelligence to use them, but their defensive nature also makes them a bit safer to ignore while chopping up the zombies that had piled on Itami. "I think we're going to pull through this," John grunts, blocking a slash from a stalfos. "Nobody take any more big risks, okay? Just watch yourself and take down these stalfos!" There's about one of them per person now, so hopefully that's an achievable goal.

Meanwhile, Dorjan scowls as the souls which had been animating the redeads float back into the room he's in, drawn once again to Ruscov's soul. "What's going on out there anyway?" Dorjan mutters, casting the souls back into the crypt to possess more dead bodies. "Can't a wizard enslave the souls of the deceased in _peace_ around here?" :P

Lude [9:28 AM] Lude could not notice the voice but he did notice wolf stopped howling. He assumed the dog died and made a mental note to himself to retrieve his pelt if he could. But now was not the time to think about that there were stalfos to cut down. With heavy devastating swings he broke the stalfos before him, the stalfos tried and was successful in blocking his attacks with their shields but the sheer force of the swing easily broke their arms off leaving them quite vulnerable.

Souls could be seen leaving the defeated redeads and floating to a room in the back. He assumed that was where Dorjan lay.

Kentas [9:57 AM] Kentas pushed up the side some more, slaying foul beasts and freeing the souls trapped within, they traveled back down leading to the source.

His dagger clipped and stabbed many bones and fleshy textures, he got many of the leftovers thrown about from Lude's brute strength. This could be more experience for him, and his dagger, but that wasn't the priority, getting through this horde and keeping everyone safe was the goal here.

Shura [12:33 PM] Shura sighed as he looked to the fleshy and boney enemys and his posible new allys as he moves to a redead rushing at him only to leap up spinning in air qwite a feet for his size as he slashes down the middle of the redead hopefully shuting it up for a while there

screams more of an anoyance for everyone there to shura that takes priority. His blade ready for another enemy stalfos ..fun ... though he grinned pulling out what seemed to be a bone dagger now in his other sword hand bone blade in a back hand stance as he readyed himself for whatever the crafy skelitons shild work "aim for those b**stards spines they seem to hate it as much as we would"

Itami APP [7:32 AM] "Please, listen to him. He knows this threat better than any of us here given his experiences with it. No more big risks like I did," Itami emphasized the point as she finally found a red potion to pop the cork to and suck down with vigor. So much so that she choked a bit and coughed as some slipped down the wrong pipe.

"Ugh," she grunted out as she recovered. She should be back on her feet in no time, but at least the redead were dealt with. She'd never been so drained in her life and hopes not to be anytime soon. "Time to get my magic back up..." She muttered as she sifted through her satchel to retrieve a green potion. She was more careful with taking it down than the former one and tossed the vial aside as she stumbled to her feet. She could feel her energy returning and her magic restoring.

"Alright, back into the fray..." She wasn't at her full strength, but what she had was better than where she was at moments ago. With her claws, she moved in, taking more calculated strikes towards the remaining stalfos as they swung their blades around and bashed with their shields to counter the collective attack of the party.

Spoof APP [7:37 AM] With the group concentrated into a full assault, the combination of overwhelming force was beginning to wear on the stalfos as their limbs were beginning to sever from their bodies and with them, their weapons and defenses. Without much to protect them aside from shoddy and well worn bits and pieces of armor, the rattling bones begin to collapse into heaps. The glow in their eyes fade and vanish from their bodies as the souls that revived them were sent back to their source.

John APP [6:27 PM] John dodges past a leaping stalfos and swings his sword around as it lands, knocking its skull off. With that, it seems like the skirmish is won. No more zombies or skeletons trying to make mincemeat out of adventurers. Phew, now they just have to deal with the wizzrobe hims --

A nauseatingly familiar moaning from the next room clues in that this was wishful thinking. "He's making more of them!" John groans. "Okay, we can't afford to be slow here, just...be very aware, all right? I've seen some really big holes left in buildings by this guy." #.#;

John ducks into the next room, taking in the situation as quickly as he can. Giant scythes dominating most of the space from the center, redeads shuffling from a hole in the wall and heading toward the door, and -- aha, there's the wizzrobe up on that pile of beams in the corner! "Dorjan!" John shouts, ducking as one of the scythes goes by. "You're not getting away with this! This all ends here!" >.<

Dorjan turns his malevolent eyes from the hole to the crypt over to John. "...Who the hairy hinox hump are you?" e.e

Spoof APP [12:44 AM] loud thumping could be heard, the walls started to shake and a loud growl and roar could be heard then *BOOM* this big creature comes falling down from the roof of the room onto the center piece of the spinning scythes, breaking the mechanism.

Wolf [12:46 AM] Wolf comes flying down from the ceiling, breaking the spinning scythe mechanism and roaring loudly. A dark aura could be seen around wolf and his eyes were beat red whipping his new long chain around. (edited)

Kentas [4:05 AM] Kentas leaps back slightly in shock, "Is that the same wolf we know?!" He helped before Radella fluttered out and _locked-on_ she knods to Kentas, making her way back closer to him.

Wolf letting off an intimidating roar and aura certainly spooked Radella and Kentas but he held his dagger firmly, a lump built up in his throat as he looks to the others, "What do we do?!" He swallowed painfully, dreading the possible answer.

His gaze then drifted to Dorjan the wizzrobe, he could feel his hand hovering over the skulltula fang strapped to his chest in a rainbow sash, _"Could this really end it so easily?"_ His inner thoughts spoke and raced around as he waited for a response.

Lude [1:29 PM] Seeing the changed wolf Lude falls back closer to Itami. Using the greatsword as a shield for now he looks over to her. "Looks like i may get his pelt after all.. any ideas on how to deal with this?"

Itami APP [9:00 PM] Itami was still in the middle of recovery, but otherwise was holding her own well enough. They were finally at the wizzrobe and she couldn't be anymore elated! With some exceptions...

"I've never dealt with anything bigger than a white wolfos and they can be as tall as you," she stated bluntly. "Between Dorjan and our companion, I must say I'm a little stuck. I've limited experience with wizzrobes aside from knowing that they have a high defense against magic," she explained to Lude.

A dark smile spreads across her face. "But, I have been looking for an opportunity to test some poisons I made! It's been so long since I've been able to put them to use! Now, let's see..." She summoned up an organized case with a snap of her fingers.

"As much as we'd love to get a nice pelt, we'll have to make sure he's returned in one piece to your sister. I'm certain she'd want him back alive. We'll consider spoils after we've dealt with this problem." She grabbed a couple vials and inserted them into her claws. "Sleep poison. I'll need your help to make it work, though. If you can create openings, I can teleport in and get some slashes in. At his size, I'd need to cut him a number of times, but this stuff is potent. He'll be knocked out for some time. Can't influence anything when they're unconscious."

Dorjan APP [9:20 PM] "...What." ._.

Dorjan just stares for a moment at the random wolf monster that crashed the party and, more importantly, crushed the all-important soul-reaping machine. Then dark fury flares through his synapses and he begins hurling fireballs, mainly at Wolf, but with enough wildness that the others present are in danger too. "YOU TICK-RIDDEN BAG OF SCRUFF!!! I BARELY GOT A *TENTH* OF THE SOULS IN THAT ARMY!!! I SPENT _YEARS_ BUILDING UP TO THIS!!! AND I WOULD'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TOO, IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU MEDDLING KIDS AND YOUR MANGY DOG!!!" D<

(For reference, the fireballs are nowhere near the big-holes-in-buildings variety, since they're being produced and flung very rapidly. Still, fire = ouch.)

Meanwhile, the jar containing Ruscov's soul has miraculously survived the smashing on the mechanism on which it rested and rolled off to the side...amongst the group of redeads that were shuffling across the room and are now still closing in on the nearest warm bodies, heedless of the extra monster's sudden appearance.

Spoof APP [10:51 PM] Wolf turns and starts to dodge the fireballs, realizing that his real enemy is his so called "Master" breaking the control over him and making the darkness flow out of him. Wolf is now only 8ft tall but his strength grows with every bit of rage that grows within him.

Wolf [10:54 PM] Wolf growls at the wizzrobe "I'm going to kill you, look what you've done to ME! I'm a bloody MONSTER!" Wolf jumps off the wall at the wizzrobe to end him once and for all.

Shura [11:02 PM] Shura chuckles alittle watching wolf aiming to maim the poor wizrobe. While that was going on ,shura made it to pick up two of the stalfoes sheilds in case the first atack on it wouldent work he had a somewhat unorthadox idea "tear him to shreds wolf "

Wolf [11:07 PM] Wolf stops midair and turns to the voice that just called out his name. "What?!? Who?!? I'll figure that out later in the meantime I'm coming over there move back."

Lude [11:10 PM] "I must say, I'm somewhat disappointed here. I was hoping to see those poisons in action." He spoke to Itami "Maybe we could go use them on Ingo after all of this is over. I still have to pay him back for letting Netri into the bull pen." (edited)

Wolf [11:13 PM] Wolf awaits for someone to tell him the plan of approach to take the wizzrobe down.

Itami APP [12:03 AM] Itami raised up a barrier to block off the fireballs that were flying in hers and Lude's direction. She supposes she should be thankful they were thrown so recklessly, but there are elements of wood in this place that have the potential to catch fire.

"Myself included," she sighed. "But tell me more about Ingo. For the right price, I could provide you with the same poison," she chuckled. "But time to focus. It seems Wolf has snapped to his senses without our help," she pointed out his change. What once was about to be their secondary enemy has now begun to work on assisting them.

"It's probably for the best you didn't attack him directly! You'd be chewing on fireballs right now if you did. He's upset and he still has some advantage over us. The souls are still filling up the dead and reanimating them. I think this is likely where Scruvo will be our best bet. If he has any connection to them, he may be the one to help get us out of this mess," she described to Wolf, though addressed the whole room as she did.

Wolf [12:05 AM] Wolf nods "I'll wait for your signal to attack when the time is right." Wolf says to Itami

Shura [2:09 PM] "So then those ugly things need to get delt with" shura pointed to the redeads then to the wizrobe " or him first cause personaly i wouldent mind hiting that wizrobe?" Shura not to sure what it was called only hearing something about it... though the sheilds in each hand were going to be put to use just not as there intended use as he tosses one like a heavy frisby at one of the redeads head with a powerfull throw watching it make a clanging sound as

it conected couldent help but chuckle after that however.

Itami APP [4:22 PM] "I don't think any one of us would truly mind striking Dorjan, but we have to be careful. Wizzrobes are tricky. We need to think of what advantages we have. Ours just so happens to be the possessor of a piece of Ruscov's soul," Itami explained.

She considers if they might be able to test his power. She isn't exactly certain of what Dorjan is capable of and yet he seems capable of raising undead easily enough. Still, since the mechanism was broken, the souls aren't filling up nearly as fast. Hmm. Wait...

"Something fell off of those scythes." The jar! "I think my magic has restored well enough to do this. Elements aren't my strong suit but I can still use them..."

She raised her hand and her broom blinked into her grip. Wielding it like a greatsword, she leapt into the air and landed at some distance from the redeads. Channeling fire into the bristles, she swung it and shot off a fireball towards the redeads with the hopes of knocking them over from its momentum and impact.

"John! The jar!" She pointed it out. "Claim what's rightfully yours!"

"Nice thinking, whoever you are," she pointed out Shura's prior shield throw. "Now, let's get to those redead and then to Dorjan! I'll cover for John!" She gives her signal to attack and proceeds to raise a barrier nearby the jar in hopes to prevent interference in its collection.

John APP [4:34 PM] _(OOC: Hmmm. I had almost gotten a pose written up where Dorjan gets away with the jar. X) Originally I'd intended for Ruscov's soul to get released in this scene, but when Wolf provided another avenue for averting the limitless undead crisis, I figured why not let that be victory enough for now and extend the plot a bit? But I hate to shut down Itami's contribution, and if this goes much longer it'll start to feel twinky for Dorjan to get away, let alone with the jar, because everybody will be pounding on him and he'd have to no-sell it all. Anybody have any suggestions?)_

Itami APP [5:20 PM] (OOC: Theoretically, the fireball could have enough push to send the jar away from his hands. She's not used to using elemental attacks, so she could have easily miscalculated how strong it was. Opening the scene back up to Dorjan taking it for himself.)

Lude [6:30 PM] (OOC if you want dorjan to get away with the jar you could use wallmasters probably)

Dorjan APP [9:44 PM] Dorjan fades from existence as Wolf jumps at him, then rematerializes in the midst of the redeads. "Done to YOU?! What, did one of my flunkies lose a finger in your food bowl and poison you or something? I'm a busy warlock, I can't be expected to keep track of every bug I step on!" :P

Then comes Itami's fireball. It scorches the area, setting the redeads on fire and causing them to moan and buckle. Dorjan, on the other hand, stands straight through the conflagration, and blinks in curious surprise. He reaches up and calmly pinches out a tendril of flame on the brim of his hat, then turns his gaze to Itami. "Yowza. You're a spicy little package of prestidigitation, ain'tcha? Howzabout you'n'me catch dinner and roast some peasants afterward?" :wario:

John makes a dash and slides on the stones, reaching his hand out for the jar. >.< Dorjan points a finger and zaps John with a lightning bolt, making him spasm. x.x "That was utterly predictable. What's this, a barrier? How cute." Dorjan reaches down and touches the barrier with his fingertips, then shatters it with an arcane squeeze. He picks up the jar and fades out again, then his voice can be heard from the previous room.

:musical_note: And believe me I am still alive :musical_note:

Dorjan's voice grows fainter with every line.

:musical_note: I'm doing MAGIC and I'm still alive I feel fantastic and I'm still alive While you're dying I'll be still alive And when you're dead I will be still alive Still alive _Still alive_ :musical_note:

Lude [10:41 PM] Lude gives chase to the previous room but his vision started to blur, he had to stop and drink another potion and wait for the effects to kick in before moving.

Itami APP [11:35 PM] "You're not quite my type, but I'll keep you in mind," Itami returned the joke back to Dorjan. As her barrier was threatened, she made a motion to try and lift it once again, but the jar was already swept up and taken.

She sneered and growled to herself, feeling frustrated at the amount of work that went into this, but it was over. She sighed and shook her head.

"I suggest we all do what Lude did and take another potion of sight...we'll need it to navigate back through here...Dorjan is gone." She flicked her hand to launch John back up onto his feet, not quite being attentive to his current state with her irritation at its height.

"Lude, there's no point in chasing him. You won't find him. Let's focus on getting something for your sister now..." She looked around the room they were in. "Maybe we should try another room. This one is filled with metal shards and...whatever else."

She moved to the previous room. "I think I saw a smaller version of those strange bird statues. Figures. We can probably grab one of those and offer it to her."

Wolf [11:57 PM] Wolf just laughs a little. "I don't need to take your potions anymore Itami, not to be rude I just can see everything in the temple that's an illusion."

Kentas [4:14 AM] Kentas sighs heavily, lowering his hand from the fang, "I guess that means we failed? Well.. I dunno if Netri would want this, but do you think we can do anything with this?" A curious tone escapes his mouth as he runs over to a part of the broken scythes, grabbing the snapped pole that held one of the scythe blades.

He held it carefully and watched the blade, an evil was definitely inside it and danced around with the reflection of the light. Something just called Kentas to it.

Itami APP [4:25 AM] "You did change while you disappeared. Not sure if it's for the better or not, but you're not attacking us." Itami shrugged towards Wolf's remarks. No offense taken. "I'll just charge you for all the potions you have left or if you don't have the rupees..." she popped her head in from the other room. "Perhaps you'd like to be a test subject? That's a much faster way to remove the debt. I still have yet to test the poison on these claws. Speaking of tests..." She grinned as she slipped back to speak to Lude.

"Lude. Quick question. How well do you tend to sleep?"

Her attention was brought back to Kentas and, deciding she couldn't be two places at once, she maneuvered back to the reaping room. "We'll, it all depends on what the knight thinks. The mechanism that held it is broken now. Looks like that has been here for a while, too," she looked back over the wreckage. "Hope it's replaceable."

She sighed to herself, "Well, at least the darkness that was rolling through here has returned to its...normal darkness. If that can be said. We should be heading out soon. This temple has been disturbed and desecrated enough."

Kentas [6:59 AM] Kentas nods to Itami, keeping a firm grip on the broken scythe in his hand. He gives out a burst of air as he lifts it into a better position, the weight of it quite impressive as he hobbles back to the previous room with Itami.

With a quick gesture, he free's one of his hands to a potion and pops the cork with his teeth spitting it to the ground as he chugs down the eye potion by Itami, "Ok then!" He states excitedly as he places the hand back onto the scythe.

The Temple certainly shifted in its malevolent energy, and the darkness wasn't as harsh on Kentas' amber eyes, as he gazes towards the other room.

Lude [10:32 AM] "I intend to sleep very well. I'll not need your sleep poisons but thank you for the offer all the same... _you spicy little package of prestidigitation you"_ he laughs.

Walking back to the room he placed a hand on Kentas' shoulder. "I'm not sure a seemingly cursed scythe would be the best present for a five year old girl. Lets try to find something shiny or... not as sharp." He said as he ran his fingers across the blade feeling a slight energy from it.

John APP [12:15 PM] John finds himself roughly on his feet and somehow doesn't topple over again. This despite the fact he doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the world around him. "It...it was that close," he mutters. "If I'd just been a little quicker, or a little more aware..." Scruvo settles onto his shoulder. "Tough luck, Johnny-boy, but at least we stopped 'im doin' what 'e wanted wi' it. Now we don't 'ave t'worry so much." John gives Scruvo a glare. "Oh, and that's great for you, isn't it!? Now we can take all the time in the world before -- " John bites off his words, then exhales heavily. "Nevermind."

A ghostly glow rises up from one of the burnt redeads, then floats away in the direction Dorjan took. "Looks like Dorjan still has control over the souls he reaped," John muses. "That's probably why he bothered taking Ruscov's soul with him, even though he can't reap any more..." John blinks, and his eyes focus. "Itami! Is there any way you can capture any of these souls?!" It'll have to be something quick, more wisps are rising out of the charred bodies and sailing away as John speaks.

Kentas [12:44 PM] Kentas gazes at Lude before looking down at the scythe again, "Well yeah.. I know it is probably too much for a little girl like her, but I feel we need to take it with us. Something in my gut tells me.." He speaks with a resonating tone of perplexity at his own words.

He looks to Radella who hovers over his shoulder glaring down at the scythe, "All I can say is that, that thing is evil! EVIL I TELL YOU." She groans at him before gazing ahead the group, she spots Shura, the new member of their party and fly's over, her yellow glow right in his face, "And who are you?!" She asks harshly,

the fight was sudden and so was his appearance to the situation.

"I don't recall anyone talking about another person joining us later? So who are you?.. and how did you stumble in here?" She demanded the strange warrior, though he was ten times the size of her.

Shura [1:19 PM] "You sure ask alot of qwestions for whatever you are" looking to the small thing called radella qwirking his brow behind his mask sighing as his armor shifted alittle when he stood from how he was crouched for a moment .

" my name is shura.... i ...dont really know what brought me here other then well might sound crazy but my sword led me here...." if anyone in the group could see auras there was a malevolent one atached to the sword the one as tall as him at 6 feet tall shura scratching his head past his cloaks hood the only visable thing was his botom half of his face his stature was that of a man whos life was dedicated to nothing but training or fighting but very well hidden in a very samurai-esk look to him very obvious he dident belong from this land at all.

Shura however kept his eyes on the little redella and everyone elce though the wolf looked fremillure " only one here that looks slightly like i known them is.." he points to the wolf with a thumb before reaching into his cloak near his chest for a pipe takeing a drag of the tabaco within. " what brings you all here"

Wolf [1:23 PM] Wolf looks over at Shura and scratches his head. "Your scent is familiar but I do not recognize you warrior, we shall have to talk more at a more appropriate time."

Itami APP [4:36 PM] Itami laughed with Lude, glad she could find some humor after this situation. She was considering leaving the temple now that the trip was over, but found that there was still work to do. John's voice rang through her ears and she focused in on the room to see what he was speaking of.

"I have something quick," she summoned up a glass bottle and swiped a soul into it. Once inside, she had the bottle attuned roughly enough to the wisp as she held it outward and the souls that were flying off proceeded to retract backwards as if being pulled by some strange wind.

She gathered as many as she could, even those that managed to escape the room as she chased them down. When she was certain she captured all aside from what Dorjan took with him, she came back to the room, swishing the contents of the bottle around.

Together they looked like an ethereal liquid, but acted as if they were some sort of cloud. "Glass bottles are useful for many things and are not quite the same as my vials or usual potion bottles. I haven't solved the mystery behind them, but they can hold almost anything..." She placed the cap on the bottle and walked it over to John. "This is yours to keep, temporarily, to gather up any other souls from Ruscov. Don't worry about a fill limit because there isn't one. Not like there would be for poe souls, but the reasonings behind that are all mixed and muddled." She shrugged at the thought.

"If there's nothing else, I'll be taking my leave. I have to go and start my shop all the way over since the attack from that gunk. This time, I might have to make it a traveling one." She sighed. There's so much to do. Namely, acquire her rupees from her safe and some important ingredients...

She grumbled as she walked away. The amount of effort that was going to take would be draining, but she's certain it'd be worth it.

Lude [9:02 PM] Lude decided that he too, should take his leave, he was not too keen on staying here without Itami. Searching the temple he came across a large open door with silver chains and an ornate lock. Digging through the lock he found a large golden key with a ruby skull in the middle.

"I suppose this will have to do." He pocketed the key and returned to the rest of the group. "So are we ready to go? We should get out of here before the potion's effect runs out."

John APP [10:08 PM] Well, that's a decent consolation prize. John watches Itami gather up the loose souls in a bottle with a feeling of renewed purpose. Each soul they can gather up is one less soul Dorjan can exploit, and maybe they can use these souls to _find_ Dorjan too. :open_mouth: John accepts the bottle carefully from Itami. "Thank you," he says solemnly. "I'll be very sure to repay the favor somehow." "Some'ow that involves roses an' wine," Scruvo suggests cheerfully. n.n

John stows the bottle away carefully and heads back the way they came. "Yes, we should probably all be getting out of here. I'll tell you about my quest on the way out, Mister Shura." "Long story short," squawks Scruvo, "th'wizzrobe's got a lad's soul, Johnny-boy's tryin' t'get it back, an' apparently th'whole whiz-bangah was so 'e could enslave a bunch o' othah souls. An' steal th'witch-lady's heart."

Wolf [10:13 PM] Wolf heads for the door leading upwards back to the enterance. "Damn, I was looking forward to continuing our adventure down haha." Wolf tries to brighten his situation up.