Zelda RPG Wiki

|| [look]

He has dark brown messy hair swept over his forehead. He is 6 foot 1 inch tall with pointed ears. His facial features are sharp and smooth all at the same times, his nose is about average size and his eyes are slightly pointed at the edges. His eyes are a soft blue, but the color can sometimes shift slightly depending on his mood. He is wearing loose black coat over a white collared shirt with a string like tie and a pair of dark trousers. Slung across his back is long black greatsword enchanted with fire magic on one side and ice on the other. His shoes are a pair of short black boots.


|| [inventory]

A massive black double edged sword with ice enchantments on one edge and fire enchantments on the other.

An assortment of small gems, each seeming to be enchanted with different elements

A pocket watch

A Samsung Galaxy S8+

|| [history]

He managed to escape from Termina. More information to be given at a later point.

|| [END]