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|| [pinfo]

  • Name: Melkibren; shortened to "Mel" since the turning of Hyrule to darkness
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Hylian
  • Profession: Former Hyrule Guard Captain and head of the Princess's personal guard
  • Alignment: unfaltering dedication to the Princess, and by extension, any of her supporters and companions
  • Favorite Food: Lizalfos tenderloin sauteed with fresh onions

|| [look]

Once the picture image of a royal guardsman, he has slightly let go of his close cropped former look, but its still held in a neat orderly fashion. His hair is grown out, trailing to his shoulders but kept tied back tight and away from his face, and a thin beard, tightly cropped with sharp lines now gives him a more wild appearance. Sapphire blue eyes stand out, always seeing everything, every detail captured in a single glance. A few scars adorn his compact form, badges of his previous station, signs that he never took his oath lightly. Some are fresher, taken during his recent hunting. He no longer wears the Royal armor, instead he has taken to clothes that better suit stalking the woods and plains around the village. Lighter armor, thin plates cased in leather to reduce sound and then colored in a mix of green, dark grey, and black to help him blend into his surroundings. His stance is always relaxed, but a second glance will show no matter how relaxed he may be, he is always ready; a spring coiled and waiting to release, a thunderstorm hidden by a cloud.

|| [history]

Formerly a Hyrule Castle Guard Captain, and head of the Princess's personal protection guard, he has sworn with his life to protect her. When Ganon corrupted Hyrule, he led the evacuation of Castle Town, saving countless lives. During the battles that endured, he was thought to have died. In truth, he had taken into hiding, shortening his name to "Mel". He believed the Princess dead, and took it as a personal affront, thinking to have broken his oath to royalty and a friend. In his grievance, he hid on the outskirts of Kakariko village, watching over the survivors. Recent increase in Moblin activity has busied him yet again.

|| [inventory]

Royal Guard broadsword

Hylian shield

Royal Guard longbow with arrows

|| [end]