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The logs are listed chronologically, with the newest one at the bottom. Please check our characters page if you need more details about the characters involved in each scene.

  • Hyrule Castle - The guards and Princess Zelda: An unexpected visitor appears in the Spirit Temple through a portal. Wounded, he is taken to the Gerudo Fortress, where Nabooru learns that he is a Terminian who risked his life to go to Hyrule and ask the Hero of Time for help, and a castle guard is sent immediately to inform Princess Zelda. This scene starts when the guard enters the Princess' chamber to inform her that Ganondorf has taken over Termina.
  • Gerudo Fortress - News from Termina: After hearing about Ganondorf (see previous log), Princess Zelda arrives to the Gerudo Fortress with Link to talk to the Terminian visitor. The two decide to send a group lead by Link to investigate, but something happens as they are about to leave...
  • Gerudo Territory - Einion's Bachelor Party: A last hurrah before wedding bells toll for Einion the blacksmith and Lady Xu. A tent on the Flying Carpet is prepared by the Pirate so no laws of either territory can be broken. What happens on a flying carpet over a giant pit of quicksand, stays on a flying carpet over a pit of quicksand.