Zelda RPG Wiki

|| [pinfo]

  • Name: Kentas
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Kokiri
  • Profession: self proclaimed Adventurer
  • Alignment: Upholding the peace against Evil
  • Favorite Food: Nut and Herb Roast

|| [look]


A Male Kokiri appearing around rhe age of 14, the forest has perserved his height at 4 Foot 11 inches. His Overgrown Maroon nest hair hides his eyes but when they poke out they show the loveliest shade of amber.

He decorated his right ear with three silver piercings.

Wearing the classic Green Kokiri tunic, Kentas has added a few piece to it to make a new look for his adventure. A lighter green vest rests over the tunic and the use of a red fabric for an armband and scarf.

Kentas has a fuzzy memory of where he found the hat but he believed it belonged to an deceased adventurer that didn't realise the dangers of Kokiri Forest.

Radella, Kentas' fairy has a pale yellow glow to her but in the most beautiful way, her wings have a coppery-gold shine to them.

|| [inventory]

  1. Radella the Fairy
  2. A few Deku Nut's
  3. A Kokiri Dagger with an symbol of courage etched into it
  4. A pouch of food and nuts, to keep him nourished
  5. A hollowed out Deku Nut as a gourd flask
  6. 12 rupees
  7. A rainbow sash with a poison fang from Anan(1 use)
  8. A wooden shield given by Tika the Caretaker

|| [history]

Kentas is a Kokiri Boy who has lived in the safety of Kokiri Forest for - years, he lived a peaceful and childish life for the most of it.. however after Link's departure, he too wanted to leave the forest and find his purpose and see the world past all the tree's.

He was a weird but friendly Kokiri and always cheery, he was friends with Saria and Link and even  a little friendly with Mido when he wasn't in a bad mood.

Radella has been around since the start and has always spoken her mind, giving advice and cheering him on even when she didn't want to.

|| [journey]

After trying to leave the woods, Mido challenged Kentas to find a weapon if he wanted to leave. Kentas asked Radella to help look only for him to wander into the Lost Woods and nearly perish to a SkullBaba.

Saved by Anan the Skulltula protector of the Kokiri Forest, he guided Kentas to his goal and asked him for a favor in return, to escort Sayah and her caretaker Tika to Kakariko Village.

Fought two Skullchildren just outside and guided the two to their destination.

|| [END]