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IC Gender: Male

IC Species: Hylian

Profession: Hyrule Castle guard

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You see before you a young tall man, in his mind twenties, with a strong but calming presence. Pure black and slightly pointy hair falls over his blue and somehow innocent-looking eyes.

Kagetora wears a light chainmail and a wide, dark-blue tunic and fingerless gloves made out of black leather, matching his big (but light) black boots.  When necessary, Kagetora wears a wide blue cape that wraps around his neck and protects him from the cold. More often than not, he might also be seen wearing a light armor.

This boy might seem skinny, but definitely not weak. His body is nicely shaped and he is fast and quiet, almost like a sheikah. On his back, you can see a long sword, his main weapon. Even though he looks like a warrior, his face is friendly and calm, making it inviting to talk to, as if he could be trusted just by his looks.

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Tora Mad
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