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|| [pinfo]

  • Name: Irina
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Hylian
  • Profession: Former waitress at the Crimson Wolfos
  • Birthday: May 17
  • Misc: For more IC pics visit Irina's blog or Irina's section on her player's website. Hope you like them!

|| [look]

A young girl in her mid twenties with a childish face. She has some thick brown hair which she sometimes ties with a little piece of cloth, and which reaches right under her shoulder blades. Her eyes are also brown and big, and they most of the time show a warm personality, maybe too much innocence sometimes, and a strong curiosity for learning new things. Irina usually wears a simple baby-blue, short-sleeved dress with white patterns around the neck, sleeves, and the bottom of her skirt, which reaches right under her knees. She usually wears some soft brown boots, comfortable enough to run.. maybe after a playful kid. 

|| [inventory]

  • Necklace

A necklace made out of a few Lizalfos' scales and a chip of horn, which has been carved into a raindrop.

  • Rito feather

A small blue and white feather, which is usually attached to her hair with a small hair tie and becomes more visible when she holds her hair back.

  • Zora armor

A red armor with pearl colored metal scales that link together across the breast and back. It also has small fins on the arms and legs to help with swimming. Even though Irina usually has the armor with her, she will usually wear soft, comfortable dresses unless she needs to use the armor.

  • Butterfly ring

Irina always wears a silver ring adorned with a black shape that looks like a butterfly or even a fairy.

Irina ring-0

|| [history]

Irina used to live in a very small kingdom southeast of Hyrule and visited what she called the "Big Kingdom" to become an artist. To her surprise, she ended up working as a barmaid at the Crimson Wolfos, a tavern/inn located close to the northeast of Hyrule Field, and living lots of unexpected adventures. One of them was having somebody ask her to take care of their baby -- and never coming back for him.

When the child was about six years old, Irina went back to her hometown to keep the child safe, as Ganondorf's minions were targeting him for reasons she was not aware of. After four years there, she decided to go back to Hyrule. Who knows what kind of adventures are waiting for her this time?

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