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Hyrule Castle

The path to the castle broadens slightly from where it started at the marketplace, taking a slight bend to the right.  Tall rock walls replace the lines of buildings that once lined the sides of the path, the occasional vine or fern leaf tumbling over the side of the rock walls.  Ahead, a tree sits against the pathway, slightly withered from the afternoon sun, but still with half its leaves pleasantly green.  After the bend a large gate sits stretched between the rock wall, built incredibly strong and reinforced, the gate itself is made from thick iron bars attached to two marble and stone anchoring pillars.  Just past the gate sits a small guard house, its window constantly tinged with the flickering glow of torch flame, a comforting friend for the guards who are on constant shifts infront of the castle.  The path goes right through the gate, stretching back out and into the front grounds where small bunches of flowers and flourishing evergreens litter the tall grasses.

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