Zelda RPG Wiki

|| [pinfo]

  • Name: Einion
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Half-Hylian/Half-Twili
  • Occupation: Blacksmith
  • Spouse: Xu
  • Height: 5' 7"
  • Weight: About 190 lbs/ 86 kg
  • Birthday: June 24

|| [look]

Einion is a somewhat scruffy looking guy in his mid thirties, with dirty blonde (though well kept) dreads going down to his shoulders, usually tied back out of his face, and a decently kept beard. His skin is a light gray, though not for lack of being in the sun. One can see some faint, though darker gray, geometric lines towards his scalp and running down the sides of his neck, and his eyes are different as well, with the whites being replaced with yellow and red irises. Otherwise, he looks like a normal Hylian that's in good shape, though there is a slash scar above and below his still-working right eye. He tends to wear a gray-blue cotton v-neck with ties in the neckline, fingerless leather gauntlets, brown pants that have a belt with two scabbards and dark brown leather boots.

|| [inventory]

  • Pair of swords

Typically a pair of short swords, though sometimes he'll switch it up and use a long sword in his primary and a short sword in his off hand.

  • Pair of custom hookshots

Custom-built hookshots that strap to one's forearms.

|| [history]

Born near Lake Hylia, raised in Kakariko. Father died when he was two years old, mother died 16 year later from complications while giving birth to Einion's half-brother who died during infancy. Learned blacksmithing in he teen years. Worked with the militia, then Gerudos for a couple years. Moved back to Kakariko while in his early twenties and the rest is, well, history.